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Our assignment: 3½ weeks as station ship in this exotic British Colony on the edge of the Bamboo Curtain. Our duties: Provide administrative assistance to other American ships visiting Hong Kong. This included arrival briefings, communications relay, shore patrol duties, and logistics support.

Andy preparing to relieve USS Newell in Hong Kong to fulfill her duties as station ship.

Hong Kong matchbook cover Liberty in Hong Kong (left to right) Jack Pinnell, Michael Stephens, Bruce Haught, Bruce Thompson, Richard Sullivan, and Charles Rayburn.
Mary Soo's painting crew Departing Hong Kong after being relieved by the Navy.
Hong Kong Harbor  SA Robertshaw having one of Mary Soo's cokes on board
 Repelling boarders.
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The northern climate of Japan was a far cry from tropical Viet-Nam. Tokyo Bay was, in a word, cold. We were soon dry docked in one of the old imperial Japanese Navy graving docks at the US Naval Ship Repair Facility Yokusuka, for a busy upkeep period.

Lookouts Frank Bowman and Stan Heifner during Yokusuka Special Sea Detail. Shipyard, Yokusuka, Japan
Water emptying out of graving dock. Waiting in the beauty shop.
 Replacing our burned out gun barrel. LT Tom Vento back from shopping with ENS Mike Guritz watching the unloading.

The Ginza, Tokyo's answer to our Broadway, glitters in the night.

The bridge leading to the Emperor's Palace, standing as it has for centuries in its tranquil surroundings.

The Great Buddha at Kamakura attracts Japanese and Americans tourists. Here kimona clad women and uniformed school children make a day of sightseeing. In the distance Mount Fuji rises 12,000 feet above the countryside in an almost perfect volcanic cone.

Tokyo Tower, tallest structure of its kind, towers above the city.

A formal Japanese archery tournamnet.
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Anchoring for some R&R. Anchor is tending up and down.

An Thoi, on Phu Quoc Island in Viet-Nam is located along the Gulf of Siam near the Cambodia, provided an afternoon of swimming in the clear warm 90 degree water and a chance to see a USO show. The afternoon's fun over, we went back to the Andy's anchorage in the harbor in a Navy landing craft. Soon we were back on our patrol routine

  L to R: DC2 Larry Garner (first on left), Jerry Fitts, Bruce Thompson, Dave Blackketer, Dallas Swindle, and BT2 William Bishop on right.
 Taxi Service L to R: Dana Lewis, BT3 Dennis Greenawald, CS2 Charles Conner, and ET2 Richard Felter
  Miss Tall USA
LTJG Lloyd George enjoying the USO show. Miss Tall USA
Andy at anchor enjoying her R & R.
Fun's over, and it's back to work!
Some of the people in the launch are:  EM2 Mike Sexton, BT2 Bill Bishop, DC2 Larry Garner, SA Bobby Hanner, MM3 Bruce Mann, SA Bruce Thompson, YN1 Jim Bunch, SA Wayne Haught, FT2 Byge Miller, SN Billy Del Valle, SO1 L. Searcy, MMC L.C. Brinkerhoff, TN C.P. Baquiran, RMCM John Cunniff, SN Stephen Browne, SA Richard Smith, BM1 Jack Williams, ET2 Larry Swift, SO3 Jim Price, RD3 Clark Chadburn, MM3 Paul Sanders, CS2 Chuck Conner, and QM3 Dana Lewis.
Phu Quoc International Airport
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Relaxing in Singapore (left to right) David Watters, two sailors from a British missile cruiser, Tony Mesics, and Bruce Haught
98426.gif (3573 bytes)
  The infamous Olongapo Jeepney.
Bangkok.gif (3573 bytes)
Front Row (left to right): Rickey Poppel, 
Dana Lewis, and Jack Pinnell
Back Row (left to right): Bruce Haught, 
Tony Mesics, Bruce Thompson (aka Igor)
  At ancor in Bankok. A young lady selling Pepsi and fruit.
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CGC Duane and ?

Our deployment comes full circle. Andy arrives at Miami Beach, Florida, where she started.

Phauls King as escort in the 1969 Miss America pageant. Phauls was selected as an escort because of his service aboard the "Andy" in the Vietnam War.

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