Formasi Tournament, Manado, Indonesia
Rob Barraclough

Tournament News: Manado, Indonesia..... This is BIG news!!! The Formasi Tournament held in Manado, Indonesia in September was a huge success. 10 boats fished for 3 days and had 49 Marlin strikes, 31 hookups and weighed in 10 Marlin, 7 Blues and 3 Blacks.

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Three new Indonesian line class records are awaiting ratification;...... Blue Marlin 80lb class 179.2kg's.... Blue Marlin 50lb class.... Black Marlin 30lb class.

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The final day of the tournament was none stop Marlin action. Several large fish were fought for hours and lost..... The only bad news is that the tournament was not tag and release.

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To recap, 10 boats fished for 4 days in Manado, 28th September to 1
October. 49  Marlin strikes, 30 hookups, 10 fish weighed.

Day 1...5 strikes,  2 hookups, no fish landed
Day 2...6 strikes,  5 hookups, no fish landed
Day 3...31 strikes, 19 hookups, 8  fish landed
Day 4...7 strikes,  4 hookups, 2  fish landed

Blue Marlin  7 fish, 179.2kgs, 76.8kgs, 57.4kgs, 52.0kgs, 48.6kgs,
48.0kgs and 29.0kgs.
Black Marlin 3 fish, 89.6kgs, 72.6kgs and 60.4kgs.

New 37kg and all tackle Indonesian record Blue Marlin 179.2kgs
New 24kg Indonesian record Blue Marlin 76.8kgs
New 15kg Indonesian record Black Marlin 60.4kgs

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