Sjalina 5 Claims Record Marlin
Rob Barraclough

The Fisherman

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178.4kg Black Marlin from Sjalina 5

A new 50lb class and all tackle Indonesian record Black Marlin was captured by Sjalina 5 on Saturday 25th April at Ujung Kulon.

The record fish, at 178.4kg, came within 4kgs of breaking the 400lb barrier. The superb fish was beaten in just 1 hour and 20 minutes after taking a slow trolled live bait and was weighed on Pulau Peucangs digital scales provided by FORMASI.

This new record replaces Franz Van Drutens 169kg Black Marlin captured in 1996 in Pelabuhan Ratu and returns the record to Ujung Kulon which can now boast most of the Indonesian record fish.

This fish is a tribute to the skill and professionalism of the Sjalina boats, and follows closely the victory of Sjalina 5 in the Piala President Tournament last November. The Sjalina boats hold an enviable catch record and a host of current Indonesian line class records.

Carita and Ujung Kulon is, without doubt, the premier sportfishing location in Indonesia. Other places, more remote than Carita, may boast more and bigger fish, but the facilities, boats, skill and experience in Carita is second to none. Well done, Sjalina!