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Gary "Fitzy" Fitzgerald

Situated 15 kilometers from the town of Murgon in the Burnett Valley is Lake Barambah. Opened in 1989 after the construction of the wall (Bjelke-Petersen Dam), it takes its name from one of the original sheep stations in the district. Stocked with fingerlings by DPI and the Bjelke-Petersen Dam Fish Management Committee it has come of age during the last few seasons producing good-sized golden perch and horse bass. Continual stockings have ensured that there is are varied sizes of silver perch, goldens and bass although it seems that the Saratoga released here may have gone over the wall at some stage as there are reports of 'toga being caught in the creek below. Further stocking may be needed to reintroduce these fantastic sports fish or to bolster the remaining population.

Currently at full capacity Barambah has plenty of water in the timbered areas where there are plenty of fish holding. A leisurely troll through the trees is one of the more productive ways of locating schools of bass and once located can be cast at with lures or flies or jigs. On a recent trip there with Ipswich based sports angler,Trevor Cowell, several large schools of fish were located in the sticks and in particular the one with the white paint around it (I can see a stampede looking searching for it). One of the better lures we found was my old favorite the Deception Shrimp and poor old Trevor nearly had a coronary after getting bricked on his purple Ringtail lure. Feeling dejected he tied on a Viper and had better luck snaring two fish in ten minutes before changing.

There are always a few scattered fish in any impoundment but at the moment most of the bigger fish are up the back. Places like Treasure Island aren't producing as well as in the past but this could change overnight given the right weather patterns. One quite large school was located on the sounder and was jigged and cast at for an hour for nothing. Returned to trolling the timbers and instant success.

Lake Barambah is a medium sized impoundment covered by large sections of submerged trees that is open to all forms of boating and has great facilities at the Yallakool Tourist Park. There are two boat ramps available, one near the wall and one at the camping ground although there is not a lot of parking at the latter. Local charter boat operator Mathew Mott and his wife Gayle have just opened a café at the lake and have a decent supply of lures and tackle and they make a fair burger too. Mathew can take up to 3 people fishing on Lake Barambah or nearby Boondoomba Dam on board "Kahuna Kat" and is one of the best prices guides around. You can contact Burnett Valley Sportsfishing Adventures on 07 41682594 or 07 4168 4811.

Accommodation is available in Murgon or at Nanango. Lake Barambah or Bjelke-Petersen Dam is located 250 kilometers or a leisurely three hours drive northwest of Brisbane via the Burnett, D'Anguilar and Bruce Highways. Camping and caravan sites are available as well as self-contained cabins and bunkhouses. There is a camp kitchen for guests and boat hire is available. Contact Yallakool Tourist park on: 07 4168 4746. 

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