To Post or Not to Post
"That is the Question"

Allen Applegarth

Allen Applegarth
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Allen Applegarth is the author of the recently published book, Florida Fishing. He lives and writes in St Pete, Florida
This seems to be a hot topic as time passes. Fishing regulations appear to change about as often as the winter weather in Florida. How does the average fisherman or visiting angler become aware of this?

Do not count on books, magazines, or other monthly/yearly publications to inform youit may only aid in a hefty fine! Some book publicationssuch as mine (Florida Fishing) will update the regulations in the following print run, however, this does no good if the reprint comes 6 months after a new law has been passed.

This leaves us with two options, call the Captain Mel Show or count on your bait shop to tell you. Given the two, I suggest calling Mel! Not to put bait shops down because there are many great bait shops in the bay area, but this brings us to the title question "To Post Or Not To Post?"

I have seen quite a few bait shops who do not push the issues of a closed season. This spells trouble if you hail from another state or country. A large number of our visitors who buy bait, expect the vendor to tell themas if its part of their job! Hmmm, maybe it should be.

Here is a thought to chew on for a while. What if bait shops were required to post a closed season sign (LARGELY VISIBLE) at the entrance? Further, what if bait shops were required to explain the closed season before selling live bait or artificial bait?

Plain and simpleif you are not an avid fisherman or a Florida resident, chances are that you will not know the regulations on our species.

If you are going to try the famous "I wasnt aware," think again! Ignorance is not tolerated on Florida waters, and you can count on a fine.

Drop me a line ([email protected]) and tell me what you think of the issue at hand. Let me know if you have come across such a bait shop?

Yes, Trout season is closed throughout November and December. Check to see if your area falls within the Hot Zone (below Pasco line).

Keep Your Tip Up!

Allen Applegarth, Author Florida Fishing

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