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Cape York is the pointy end at the top of Australia. It is isolated, tropical and as can be expected from the northernmost part of Australia has some excellent fishing. A major advantage, apart from it's isolation, is that plenty of the water is sheltered from the South East trade winds which blast through the Cape from June to November.

The actual northernmost point of Australia is at Pajinka. Right at the tip, the rocks provide good fishing for reef fish ( Coral Trout, Sweetlip, Trevally and Queenfish). Fishing is best from October to December.
Fly Point provides the best rock fishing on the Cape. There is a good camping site at nearby Somerset.

Red Island Wharf ar Seisa is popular with locals and visitors. Good fishing here for everything from Barramundi to Mackeral. Fishing from a boat is best but the wharf is also excellent.

Mutee Heads has numerous Blackfish hanging around the old WW2 jetty from April to June. Also great for pelagics, Trevally, Mackeral and huge Queenfish. Take note this is Aboriginal land and if you intend camping get permission from the Injinoo Community Council first. The Jardine River flows into the Gulf here and there is magical pelagic action April to June. Troll minnow style lures,cast poppers or flies to the feeding fish,sight fishing at it's best.

Usher Point has good shallow reef fishing. But give it a miss if the trade winds are blowing.

Crystal Creek estuary has great fishing for Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks, Fingermark,Estuary Cod, etc. It's a long way from anywhere, very remote, so carry plenty of fuel and water.

The Kennedy Inlet is one of the largest pristine mangrove systems in Australia, with some of the best tropical fishing anywhere. Fed by Jacky Jacky Creek and the Escape River, Kennedy is a literal maze where it is easy to get lost. Use great care and make sure you have a GPS, or use a local guide. Do these things and the fishing in the Kennedy Inlet and the Cape is a tropical dream.

One of the best guides in the area is Ian McConnell fron Cape York Rod & Rifle Safaris. Ian reports that: It is the middle of the green or wet season at the moment. This gives us periods of dead calm weather interspersed with intense rain.

January through May is the time when Giant Trevally and huge Queenfish patrol the river mouths feeding on the baitfish being pushed out by the fresh water. Thw Black Jewfish are on the move with the fresh flush. Jewfish up to 50lbs are being caught right now of the Seisa wharf. Ther is a run of Cobia here annually and the vanguard has arrived. Our pelagics are working out wide to avoid the fresh. The Barramundi are out of the estuaries working the beaches and headlands at the moment. The Painted Crayfish have returned from their spawning run and the locals are reporting good catches.

Cape York ia pristine, wild, isolated and one of the last frontiers for the travelling angler. Long may it last.

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