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In the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Southeast Australia,the Cobungra River, one of Victoria's best trout streams, starts it's journey towards Lake Hume, the Murry River and on to the ocean in South Australia.

The upper reaches of the Cobungra has a gravel bottom with few weed beds, therefore the main food items are sand caddis, mayfly and stonefly nymphs and terrestrials such as beetles,ants and grasshoppers in season. Fly fishers who use flies which imitate the above insects will have the most success catching the numerous small,vigorous brown and rainbow trout to 500 grams.

The middle reaches flows over a sand and gravel bottom between grass plains and grazing land. Whilst fly fishing is a definite challenge with Eucalyptus and willows lining the banks, these same trees provide a constant supply of terrestrials for the voracious brown trout of up to 1kg in the area.

The lower reaches has thick tea-tree growth along the banks, which offers plenty of shelter and food for the fish. The river here is slow moving with long deep pools. Home to many large trout, captures of 2kg are common with fish over 4kg being caught occasionally.

Currently the Cobungra River is fishing well on beetle, grasshopper and small dark highland spinner patterns. Great fishing on the drier windy days with grasshopper patterns fished close to the edge of the stream, as the fish are now beginning to concentrate on this plentiful food source. The Cobungra River, Victoria River and tributaries are all enjoying excellent flow rates this season due to heavy thunderstorms and rain in the area. Some good fish are being taken in the lower reaches of he Cobungra towards the Anglers Rest area.

Because of it's limited access (mainly 4WD and horseback) the Cobungra River has not been exploited to it's full potential. The upper reaches are camping only. The middle and lower reaches have good accommodation. The river was last stocked with trout in 1978 and is now a self sustaining wild trout fishery.

Anglers fishing the Cobungra River will find the mind and body recharged by the magic of the scenery and the wild fighting trout of the Cobungra.

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