Jim Noah   

This has been one cold winter in most of the US and really cold up north. If you hate the cold like I do, you too are always looking for something to keep you warmer. I just found one of those little things that make you say "Gee that's neat and so simple I should have done that." Ear Mitts, are like warm igloos for you ears. Ear Mitts are nothing like the old furry like hot pink ear muffs your sister wore to school.

Ear Mitts are perfect for the angler and hunter because they trap the warm air in around your ears and keep the cold air out. You can still hear game coming in or even talk on a cell phone without trouble hearing, while your ears stay warm. They even fit so tight to your face, I can wear my motorcycle helmet over them when making long winter runs in my Ranger. I've been wearing them while doing chores and clearing the drive of snow. They work better than any other ear muff I've ever used! I also have found, the more you wear them the better they fit. Just like my Wranglers!

Ear Mitts are made with fleece on the outside and Thinsulate on the inside. They are so small they easily fit in you shirt pocket (as you can see from the pictures). They are so easy to slip over your ears after you open the ear pocket up by bending top and bottom back. You just slide the Ear Mitt on to the top and back of the ear. Wiggle the Ear Mitt so that the entire ear is comfortably inside the ear pocket. Then gently press the Ear Mitts against your head with your flattened palm, firmly securing it. The Ear Mitt will create a firm warm mitt to protect your ears while running, biking, or working outside.

Do expect some funny looks or questions while wearing the Ear Mitts. I wore them to the office one day when it was 1 degree above freezing just to protect my ears during the walk from the parking lot. As I entered the building a bare headed man asked "Did you just have ear surgery?" "Nope, I'm just protecting my ears so I won't!" I said as I got on the elevator. He was still giving me a strange look when the doors closed.

Just remember I warned you.

While I didn't care, they come in a wide variety of colors including black, navy, gray, red, winter white, and designer colors that won't mess up your hair. Ear Mitts are priced right too at $12.00 a pair.

Some sporting goods stores are carrying them, but I'd recommend going to their website http://www.earmitts.com or calling 800 439-0883 to locate the nearest dealer. 

Just remember, Ear Mitts are mighty small ear igloos that really work!

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