Jim Noah   

I had the pleasure of experimenting with Ambush Lures at the Noah Testing Grounds and the Bass voted Ambush Lures a KEEPER in a big way. No recount needed for this vote! The water had cooled down and the bass were filling up for winter. They loved the Ambush!

From the picture you can see Ambush Lures are unique in design and in their selection on hooks is unheard of in the industry. The traditional two triple hooks worked just as expected. I used the single hook on top, just to test the hooking ability of this arrangement and I don't think I missed a bass. I was impressed and will plan on using this arrangement in my travels to lakes with lots of grass. This arrangement will hang up less and give you more actual fishing time. A real plus in tournaments.

Ambush Lures, a division of FISH BWARE INC., a Missouri corporation, was
formed on May 2, 1996. Fish Bware Inc.'s goal is to design, develop,
and distribute innovative fishing tackle to the fishing industry. Ambush Lures uses new technologies, such as ultrasonic, vibration, and
computational fluid dynamic analysis, in the design of it's lures, which
make them both superior and unique relative to competing products. The company is lead by four entrepreneurs that have worked to create truly innovative fishing tackle in all segments of the fishing industry.

Brett Ware and Ryan Gruhn drive product design and development, while Todd Gray and Tim Tadlock are responsible for marketing efforts.

Ambush lures are designed to "Stimulate positive responses from fish." says Brett Ware. We have long known fish respond to color, shape, sound, and scent. I've proven time and time again scent, sound, and color can make a tremendous difference in how fish respond to lures in the hawg troughs I use across the country. Ambush has taken these known responses and packaged them together in a fish catching package. The Strip Pit bass and perch proved Ambush Lures have something we all need in our tackle boxes.

According to Ware "The artificial lure's color and shape are generally assumed to be the main reason fish respond to artificial lures due to fish being visual predators, however the scent and vibration of the artificial lure are the primary reasons why artificial lures get positive responses from fish and are more scientific in nature. The trigger that Ambush Lures has primarily focused on for artificial lure differentiation is vibration. We believe that the vibration of an artificial lure is the dominating trigger that feeding fish respond to due to their two primary sensory systems, which is composed of a lateral line and an auditory hearing system. By using ultrasonic and vibration diagnostics, Ambush Lures has isolated the frequency and amplitude levels that attract various fish." Ambush Lures has invented a diagnostic response system within an artificial lure by using a combination of fluid mechanics and internal fluid flow within the artificial lure to create a natural fish response that is encoded by the response systems within fish. When the water passes through the internal hole, both turbulence and laminar flow is created by the lure and pressure waves are generated that emits similar ultrasonic signals of that of a real fish. Ambush Lures manipulates the mass flow rate of the water passing through the internal cavity by varying the cross sectional area of the cavity, which increases or decreases the velocity of the water. In murky water conditions, the fluid mechanics is used to excite immersed bodies within cavities that produce additional pressure waves and higher ultrasonic sound waves. These additional sound waves act as homing signals to aquatic sonar, which is critical in non-refractive water conditions. This "ringing" of ultrasonic sound waves manipulated using internal fluid mechanics truly differentiates the lures created by Ambush Lures. In addition, the lures have the capability to emit scent by using scent carriers within the internal hole. By designing a lure in a fashion so it produces the desired frequency levels and emits a scent, Ambush Lures has created the ultimate crankbait and thus increasing the sportsmen's chances for success."

Like I said, the Strip Pit bass and perch proved Ambush Lures have something we all need in our tackle boxes. Visit their Website at or call them at 660-562-3838.

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