Jim Noah   

Ever faced with needing a way to secure a tarp when the grommet is missing or not in the right position?  I always seam to have that problem.  I’ve found the simplest clamp we all should have designed and didn’t.  Kinda makes me mad I didn’t, but that’s life.  Neat name too BITE TITE.

  As you can see from the pictures, you can add a rope or stretchy cord to any location on any tarp or awning material the Tight Clamp can get a hold on.  I’m used them on my Lowe Pit Boat tarp cover since last fall and they are still holding on like the champ they are.  I’ve started carrying eight (two factor bags) in my Suburban just in case I need to trap something.  I always carry a trap and stretch cords so it makes since to add the BITE TITEs.  Why?  I may need to haul something on the roof or sticking out the back that I want covered, or I may want to make sure I keep the Suburban protected.

  BITE TITE requires no grommets and really are the ultimate tarp clamp.  They are versatile, reusable and super strong.  Mine have been out in the weather all winter and they look just like new.  I’ve not adjusted the tarp on the Strip Boat even once due to their secure even firm grip on the tarp.  BITE TITE even allowed me to ignore the missing grommets and just fasten the tarp where I needed. 

  Since you need some BITE TITE fasteners call LINCO at 517 543-0971 to find your local dealer.  I got mine direct and you can too.

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