Jim Noah   

Last fall I got a few of Larry Bonard's new 1/2 oz. Stand-Up Jigs as proto-types to try. Larry was looking for feedback on how well the jigs worked. The bass at the Noah Testing Grounds Hunting Spots Plus' Pits) ate them, no, loved them! The jigs came through the brush much better than I expected. Reports from other areas, including Lake Fork, are favorable too.

Bonard listened and now have available ¼ oz., 3/8 oz., and ½ oz. jigs in six colors: black-blue-purple, green crawfish, brown crawfish, golden crawfish, bluegill, and snow white. Larry uses Mustad wide-gap hooks on all his jigs. The ¼ oz. has a 2/0 hook, the 3/8 oz. Has a 3/0, and the ½ oz. has a 4/0, making these jigs real fish holders.

This jig is somewhat unique with a flat bottom on the head that allows the hook to stand at about a 45-degree angle. Larry has added a barb on this head that holds plastic baits extremely well. A Bass Assassin Craw looks real as it stands up waiting to be eaten.

This is also a versatile jig that anglers can flip, pitch, hop, slide on the bottom, or swim. I had great success just swimming the jig along the rocks and along the old fences at the Pits. In the clear water I could see how realistic my pumpkin-pie-colored Bass Assassin Craw looked as a trailer on the Golden Crawfish Jig. I could see why the bass wanted to fatten up on this bait.

The versatility is continued in the packaging too. You can purchase these great jigs with two rattles and a skirt, or with a skirt but no rattles, or in a 4-pack of jigheads with no skirt or rattles. These jigs are available at many stores around the country and on the Internet. Check out all the Bonard Big Bass Lures at, or call for a free catalog at 573-642-6759.

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