Jim Noah   

      I’ve discovered an easy way to add extra action and color to your soft plastic baits that is so easy we should have done it years ago.  Tru-Turn Hooks have created the “Back Breaker” by modifying and connecting two of their famous Hitchhikers together.  The Back Breaker is longer with a smaller diameter than a Hitchhiker.  I’m kicking myself for not doing it long ago, after all the Hitchhikers sometimes even come out of the package hooked together.

From the picture you can see how easy it is to create a broken back Bass Assassin Lizard.  What you can’t see is how effective this new approach adds action to the tail of your lizard.  The tail floats almost upright and the slightest current makes it dance.  This adds extra action and vibration to your lizard that attracts the bass’s attention.

While I would always try this in the spring on those shallow bass that hate lizards, I couldn’t wait until spring.  I headed to the Noah Testing grounds just before Thanks Giving and caught several nice fish on a Bass Assassin Louisiana Soft Shell 7 inch Lizard rigged with a broken back.  I did not get one hit on the same lizard without a broken back.  The water was clear to slightly stained and the extra action and noise made the difference to these bass.

The Broken back setup provides for unlimited color selection.  I’ve heard the folks down south are finding Red Shad with a blue tail a “Real Killer” pre T.J. Stallings of Wetumpka, Alabama.  I’ve already cut up some lizards of different colors to try at the testing grounds.  Red Shad may never look the same again.

Plan on getting into the broken back business the spring, if not sooner.  While I’ve only tried the new rig on lizards, it will work on worms and any soft plastic you want to increase the action on.  You can also mix colors to create your own special fish catching baits.  You won’t be disappointed!

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