Jim Noah   

My buddies at Coverlay in San Angelo Texas are really working hard to make our angling lives full of fun. All their products are simple things that make you say "I could have done that!", but  didn't.

Coverlay has been providing products to restore damaged dash covers and door panels since 1982 and recently started creating really usable angling items. I'm sure you have read their ads in BassTimes and saw their items at the Missouri B.A.S.S. Federation Board of Director's Meetings. Bass Pro shops, Cabela's, Wal-marts, and Kmarts have or will soon have the complete line of great products that work! We are even working on a sponsorship program for the Missouri Federation. My favorite is the Trash Tube. This simple to fill and dump tube is in both my boats. It fastens out of the way and provides a great place to put the extra line and plastic we all create. Sure much better than in the lake. Get yours before the spring fishing starts.

I have never found a tackle box I really like. As most of my pardons find out, I carry too many of the plastic boxes. I use to dedicate one rod locker too boxes storage and never was able to locate just what I wanted every time. Coverlay to the rescue. The have created a neat try that holds six boxes, has an extra tray for other items with a strap to hold it all together for transportation. I've carried one a whole bunch of miles this year and it still looks great and works even better. I've added a couple more to my Christmas list.

Peter Thliveros, (Peter T as we call him) helped develop one of the slickest Carolina Rig holders ever made. Coverlay calls it "Peter T's Rigmaster". I keep 4 rigged and ready all the time. Again, something so useful and so simple we should have had them years ago. You need to get some too! Need a simple rod organizer that is inexpensive, yet works like a charm? Coverlay's Rod Box Organizer to the rescue. Again a simple solution to rod tangles and broken tips. It will save a broken tip or two a season and be paid for with the lack of repair expenses. I have two units and added two more to my Christmas wish list.

I always have a tool box or two in the Suburban, but not always what I need in the boat. Ken Cook must have had the same problem, so he solved it with Coverlay's help. Ken Cook's Fishing Tool Kit contains two screwdrivers, reel oil, fishing glue by Carlson Tackle, fishing pliers, hook sharpening file, and scissors. Everything you need in a custom made case with drain holes that keeps them handy, handles rough rides and mounts in a handy spot with velcro. A real neat package! I move mine from boat to boat easily using the velcro. Don't need two for two boats.

Ever need to chock your trailer or vehicle wheels and not find a thing to do it with? I know, not generally a problem in Missouri, but I've had the problem in other places. Coverlay makes a great set of chocks that can be attached to the trailer using velcro, or smuggled together in the tow vehicle taking up very little space and there if you ever need them. I've only needed them once, but they were a life saver.

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