Jim Noah   

While cruising around a cove a hump suddenly appears on the Garmin screen
and is gone. Wow, what was that, where was it, where's the buoys? Sound

For years I've left a marker buoy laying on the floor under the console. I've grown tired of the questions ask about a single buoy laying on the floor so unorganized. I've even had non-boaters pick it up and stow it away so we won't have it under foot. I know I don't use it every trip, but I have to have my buoy ready just in case I need it. Sure, it may be a security blanket, but I got to have it handy.

Jim Jones of Coverlay Manufacturing knew what the single buoy was for laying under my Ranger console last year at Table Rock Lake. Coverlay also figured I wasn't the only angler that had one laying on the floor since Jones did too. Coverlay did what Coverlay does best, they created the neatest simplest buoy holder available. A holder anyone of us could have created, but didn't. By the way, I have one laying on the front deck so I can kick it over the side when I need to. I'm going to leave it laying on the front deck when under trolling motor power still, as it's a little hard to kick the buoy out of the Coverlay holder in the heat of the battle.

I mounted one of their holders right on the side wall under the throttle out off the way and easily grabbed when some interesting structure shows up on the depth finder and I need to explore. Several times I've marked fish holding structure that was not on the maps I had. You will to, if you have electronics that are working to perfection like my Garmin units do. You have to find that special structure and mark it so you can fish it. You will only do that if you make it easy for you to do. Coverlay's new buoy holder makes it easy to have a marker buoy easily with in reach. The buoy holder is so new Coverlay does not have it on their web site. You won't find them in any of the major catalogs, but you will find them on the major Angling Store's (Bass Pro Stores and Cabela's) floors. A call to Coverlay (800) 633-7090 will let you order them direct or they will tell you the location of a store near you that carries the little jewels. I'd get a couple of packages of the holders now so you'll have them for the rest of the summer's deep structure fishing and in the fall when they may just be schooled up on a hump. Each package contains two pair of holds so you can hang two buoys.

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