Jim Noah   

Brent Chapman is well known all over American Bass circles as a crankbait expert.  Brent had tried many different rods and still had not found what he was looking for.  So had I.  At one of the many sales events we were working last year we started discussing our desire for the “perfect” crankbait rod.  I admitted I have gathered up all the old glass All Star Rods Cranking Sticks that had been discontinued and was not sharing them with anyone, Brent included!  Brent was quick to say, “I didn’t know All Star made Glass Rods.” To which I replied “They don’t any more, but ………..” and the Brent Chapman’s Cranking Sticks were born.  Well it was not quite that easy, but now the “perfect” American Made Glass Cranking Rods are available to everyone.

Brent’s ability to catch big strings of big bass on small crankbaits is well known around the Lake of the Ozarks.  All Star Rod 785GCB – IM10X is designed to do just that.  This 6’ 6” beauty handles ¼ to 1 ounce crankbaits with ease.  Long accurate casts with small crankbaits like the DC1, DC3, and DC5 Timber Tigers are made with ease right beside a cable connection at the back end of a dock were a cedar tree is planted.  The 785GCB also makes landing the monsters that live back in the sticks where no one dared throw a crankbait a breeze due to it’s medium heavy action.  Medium heavy actions will help you land more fish because this action is soft enough to keep the fish hooked and strong enough to wear them out quickly.

Brent also knew he needed a 7’ rod the throw those deep diving Poe’s 400s across a long point to cover both sides and the top correctly.  The 846GCB – IM10 was born just handle the job of throwing a big crankbait a long very long way.  It works to perfection!  This rod will accurately cast 3/8 – 1 ounce baits a country mile.  I can really reach out and touch you a long way away with this beauty.  This rod has a medium heavy action and it really wears out the big fish quickly while being soft enough to prevent you from tearing the hooks out of their mouths.

All over the country I hear “Why Glass?”  Glass just works better for baits you are quickly moving through the water like crankbaits and spinnerbaits.  Glass has a much slower reaction time and gives the bass or any fish more time to really get the bait in their mouth so you can hook them.  Believe it or not with the modern use of graphite, our rods are to sensitive for fast moving baits.  No one has discovered a better material for making super sensitive rods than graphite.  When fishing fast moving baits you want to let the bass get a good hold on the bait and feel the fish before you set the hook.  Glass allows you to do that better than any other material, bar none!

While these rods were designed for crankbaits, I’ve been using them for spinnerbaits too.  A spinnerbait has many of the same features as a crankbait.  I found it’s very easy to drop that ¼ ounce spinnerbait right beside the tree trunk softly and still have the power to drag the monster that lives there right out of his hidden home.

These two new All Star Rods are all American made and Texas proud.  They come with a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original owner.  I have a lot of All Star Rods and they get used in a variety of conditions for pan fish to really big fish in the Sea of Cortez.  I have yet to have an All Star Rod fail with a fish on the end of my line.  Now rod box covers, big feet, shifting gear, and airlines have killed a few over the years, but not fish.  I’ve always packed up the broken rod with a note of what really happened with my check for $15.00 as required by the warranty and sent it off for repair.  While I know I’ve been the source laughter, a repaired or new rod has always showed up in a few weeks, no questions ask.  All Star Rods stand for “Exceptional Customer Service” too!

All Star Rods has a nice web site worth visiting at . Brett Crawford, the owner of All Star Rods is an outdoorsman as are his whole team.  You can tell the whole company understands fishing and the tools required to make you successful.  I’ve had the opportunity to work and fish with a lot of the All Star Rods staff and they really are committed to making your fishing experience pleasurable and successful.  Check out the whole line and be sure to get a pair of Brent’s Cranking Rods!

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