Jim Noah   

As many of guides have found at Table Rock Lake this fall, Drop Shotting can be very effective to catch bass and other fish. They like the new technique because they clients can catch fish and they don't have to be experts. They cruise around until they find a school on their graph and then they start fishing. Rick LaPoint (Rick's Chauffeured Guide Service (1-800-869-2210) told me it's been one of his best years just drop shotting. "It's easy and the clients love it." said Rick at Kimberling City Inn docks in early October as left to guide an angler.

As I've been preaching, Drop Shotting is the method to use in clear water. More and more of the Pros are using Drop Shotting, but not talking about it. They think it is a big secret. Many of the Pros were thinking the required equipment was not easily available. At this time All Star Rods has the only Drop Shot Rod easily available in America! Many of the Pros are treating Drop Shotting as a secret weapon thinking most anglers will not try or will fail without the proper equipment. Get the proper equipment and give it a try.

The All Star Drop Shot Rod took longer to finalize than I expected, but the final product was worth the wait. While I'll take credit for causing all the pain All Star went through to create this little miracle, I can't take credit for the finale design. My friend and Finesse Guru, Rich Tauber did much of the testing and design improvements. He did a wonderful job! I just love mine and I'm going to put it through the paces even more this fall and winter. It does work great for crappie too!

The Drop Shot Rod joins the growing Titanium family of top of the line all American made rods with a life time warranty. You need to checkout the AST762S and you will see why I'm so high on this new rod. The rod has a fast action with a strong butt. Just don't underestimate the power of the little jewel. It's a really light 6 ft 4 in Spinning Rod that easily casts nothing weighting lures (1/32 to 3/8 oz.) and wears out big bass in a hurry. It's built for 2 lb. to 8 lb. test line, light but great for clear water. Be sure to get yours soon.

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