Jim Noah   

The new Worden’s Fat Fish have been available about a month and the Truman bass have taken a real liking to the new baits.  Worden’s designed Tom Steward told me he was working a new Steel Head crankbait last fall and would have it completed for the ICAST Show in July at Vegas.  I told Tom to send me a few as soon as he could.  While he was reluctant, knowing it would get him in trouble, I received a small box of them in late June.  The Truman Bass had a new love with wide wobbling fire tiger crankbaits.

I called Tom for more and a second small box arrived just as we were leaving with the MOBASS Jr. Team to head to Delaware.  I added them to the already large tackle store we were taking in hopes the bass on the East Coast would love them too.  I was not able to repeat their great Truman performance in Delaware, but I suspect the Fatfish was going too deep at about 8 feet.  Tucker Adams did well in practice with a Timber Tiger DC1 and I watched several bass strike his lure so they were really shallow.

These new lures really wobble at an incredible slow speed.  I think that's the reason the Truman bass loved them as they made such an easy target to eat just moseying along the bottom of some main lake points.  While Tom says he's "been just loading the boat with Salmon", I'll stay with the bass.  I believe this new bait does out wiggle all the ones I've tried over the years.

I can't wait to head to Coffey County Lake in Kansas to try some of the really bright colors out on the Smallmouths that love the rocks out there.  The Fatfish is currently offered in 47 colors and two sizes.  I have stayed with the 1/2 ounce model, but will be trying some of the 3/4 ounce models later in the fall.  These should be the ticket for late summer and fall bass moving shallow to fatten up for the winter.  I have also stayed with the traditional bass color combos with just a few exceptions for the smallies. 

These are a fat fronted crankbaits that dives to 8 feet and really lets you know it is working along to attract fish.  Pike will also eat this baby.  The package says it all, "The RIGHT Action, The RIGHT Hooks, The RIGHT Size".  The bass have been saying "The RIGHT Bait TOO!". 

A few larger retail chains have placed orders for the new Fatfish in some of the more traditional bass colors.  By the time you read this they should be available at Bass Pro shops and Cabela’s along with several other stores.  Your favorite dealer will be able to order them too, once you tell them about them.  I will be using them more as the bass are relating to cover in the 8 to 10 foot depths this summer and fall.

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