Jim Noah   

What slides through the water with the greatest of ease, has eight bright colors, and catches every fish know to eat a minnow fresh or saltwater? The Glass Shad! Yes, Jim has went off the deep end again, but this time he's found a real winner and even got Bass Assassin to make it for you.

The catch of the year was completed by Bass Assassin! Bass Assassin was able to land the best soft plastic catching lure ever hand poured this year. The original hand poured bait required fourteen different steps and was selling for $5.00 each in Florida. Fresh and Saltwater fish were killing them off so fast the inventor could not keep up with the demand. Bass Assassin is having the same problem. What a problem to have!

I found this bait while in Atlanta working at the Bass Madness at Bass Pro Shop in March of 1998. I made one cast with a Glass Shad in the Hawg Trough after the store was closed, had nine bass hits, and called Bass Assassin that night. I told them "Just do it!" and they did. It did take a very large investment and new inject methods not used before in the fishing industry. The Glass Shad is that new and different, it's an original! It is not a new catch everything all the time lure. It is a soft plastic bait that has the brightest color and best light reflecting ability today that is shaped correctly and even has eyes.

I bought some hand pours and headed to the Hunting Sports Plus Strip Pits to be sure the first chance had not been luck. It had not been luck, the strip pit bass loved them even more than I thought. They tore up $125.00 worth in one trip. Had to have help from Bass Assassin, can't support those strip pit bass love for Glass Shads at hand poured prices.

Expect to hear more about this bait and some additions to the line. The folks at Bass Assassin are afraid to turn me loose as I can come up with more ideas than anyone has time or money to create. I'll bet we will have more colors and more sizes soon to pick from. Got to get you some!

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