Jim Noah   

Bass Assassin introduced their new 4.5 in Glass Shad at the ASA ICAST show in Chicago in early July. I had been "testing" the new size for a few weeks and was begging for more prior to the show. I was trying to get some while I was working the show, but Robin was closely guarding the few he had brought to show off. While the smaller model is available in the same basic 8 colors, I just had blue ones at first. I now have a few bags and am begging for more. Why? The new smaller size is even a better fish catcher than the original design. I believe I'm catching more fish because I'm getting a better hook set due to less plastic slowing the hook set. I have had 100% hookup when I used an exposed hook setup using a Daiichi CircleWide 2/0 when I just reeled in instead of striking hard on both sizes. Every bass was hooked in the corner of the mouth due to the design on the CircleWide. I just don't fish in the open often. Don't over look this hook if you bait fish for pan fish or big catfish. I've used the design for years in the ocean and the results are more fish in the boat and an easy release due to the hook design. You will have to just trust me on this hook design enough to try it. I always go to the Noah Testing Grounds (Hunting Spots Plus Strip Pits)

when something new arrives that has to be "tested". Over the years I have found I can get the equivalent of several days of fishing in a few hours. Just ask Faron Morris, who stated "We caught over 100 pounds of bass in 8 hours." This was a Saturday in late June when we didn't start until 8:00 and move among two pits. I took the only 2 small Glass Shad I had to the pits and caught 5 bass before they were lost to the depths. This only took 10 casts and them I had to switch to the old Glass Shad. I still caught bass, but not as regular as with the smaller bait. Again, it was mainly my failure to make every hit count. I'm not going to give up either size and know you should have both sizes too.

In mid July I was waiting for my Thursday night Smithville Burton's Tournament pardoner to arrive and since I had a 4.5 inch red Glass Shad rigged using CircleWide, I had to use it. Right in the middle of anglers launching their boats at the Little Platte ramp I caught 4 non-keeper bass on 5 casts. The legal bass never did bite the glass shad that night, but one large sow knocked the glass shad 3 feet in the air and I never had a chance to react for some strange reason. I still get the shakes just thinking about that explosion.

Guy Eaker inventor of the Eaker Shaker now manufactured by Eagle Claw is one of the neatest gadgets to add weight, flash, and more wobble to your plastic baits. I've had great success using the ones Guy gave me on Pomme and Lake of the Ozarks. You have to match the size of the shaker to the size of the bait and how much more appeal you need to catch bass.

I add the shaker when bass are somewhat aggressive, but still want a plastic bait like the Glass Shad. It was easy to see the extra appeal the Shaker added in the different Hawg Troughs I've used the combo in around the country this year.

Be sure to pick up some Glass Shad in both sizes and an assortment of colors, sharp Daiichi Hooks (Copper Heads in 5/0 for the 5.5 inch Glass Shad, 4/0 for the 4.5 inch Glass Shad, and 2/0 CircleWide for open rigging), some Eaker Shakers, and assorted weights including some Bonard Big Bass Chain weights to use for Carolyn Rigs and prepare to hang on. Sow bass everywhere just love their gliding action just like a dying shad. So do all Saltwater fish I've showed them to. They are great in the shallow coatal waters where you never know what you catch!

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