Jim Noah   

In October for deer season, I bought an epoch4 “Ultimate LED Floodlight” from GOLIGHT (the folks that make the remote controlled spot lights in Nebraska) over the internet.  I was not impressed at all!  I talked to Colt Hosick at GOLIGHT about my little mistake only to be told to shut up and go use it.  I was even less impressed with the black strap that came with it.  Colt again said “Use it!”

Boy was I wrong!  This is one of the neatest lights I’ve ever used.  I used mine all during deer season (Rifle, Black Powder, Special Draw Park Hunt and Bonus or too many weekends as my wife says) and the light is just as bright as when I started, on the same batteries that came with it!  The package says the two 3 volt Lithium batteries will last 25 hours and have a ten-year shelf life.  I can’t answer the shelf life, but I know I have over 25 hours of use already!

The package says “2 mile visibility” and I can’t verify that, as I was always the user, not the observer.  It did light the trail very well and provided all the light I need to setup before dawn and tear down after dark.  My son did say he say my little light from his stand about ½ mile away, so it does provide excellent visibility.  I will be using it for early morning and after dark fishing and hunting! 

This is a no nonsense light with a twist on/off switch housed in a high impact resin housing that is water tight and rubber coated that creates a easy to hold, but tough as heck light.  It has to be well built if the LEDs have a life of 110,000+ hours.  While the black and gray case is not eye catching, they are pleasing to look at and right at home in the blind or boat.

Now for that silly black strap.  I did as Colt instructed and added it.  He said “just put it around your neck and put the epoch4 in your chest pocket before you leave camp.  You’ll have it without hunting for it and you can’t loose it or drop it.”  As usual the expert was right.  I had the little jewel with me and never had to hunt for it.  I even kept it by my bunk so I could get up in the night as us old folks have to do with falling over something or someone at camp.  The silly little strap even saved me from losing it as I lost hold of it as I climbed the last step into my tree stand.  I’m sure it would have survived the 20 foot drop, but I didn’t want to make the climb again.

You can get your own epoch4 at major sporting goods stores or direct from GOLIGHT at  I like mine so much I’m going to order at least two more, one for the Suburban and one for the Ranger.  My wife wants this one for the Blazer.

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