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After many requests to create a creature lure, Bass Assassin has built a better creature lure! Robin Shiver tinkered with the many ideas we kept sending him and he kept coming back to his old hook tail worm for the tails. The worms had great action and he knew they caught fish. The body had to be fat to hold a rattle and ribbed to make me happy. Several other folks had input that created the Hogg Assassin that has really been catching fish.

While I played with the few I had (all hand pours), very few folks saw them until the molds were finally created to Robin’s satisfaction. Robert Montgomery and I had fun with the very first batch off the molds at Stockton Lake in late September. We had scheduled a trip to Stockton Lake in Missouri for late September hoping for some active Smallmouths back in July while we at the Bassmasters Classic. I hoped at the time to have a few new toys to show Robert and the Hogg Assassin’s came in just in time.

With fall here, it’s time to go to big baits. Bass are starting to slow down and they want a big meal for their efforts. The Hogg Assassin fills the bill and the live well. Smallmouths like this bait too. 

The Hogg Assassin is a bulky bait with action available in 15 colors. I expect a few more colors will be added as folks get them and start catching big bass on these lures. Right now June Bug, Watermelon with Red Flake, Watermelon Candy, and Camo have been working well for me. Camo has been a great color in stained water. The Lake of Ozarks bass showed a strong preference for a Camo Hogg Assassin on a long leader on a Carolina Rig on the main lake rocky points in mid October. The bass in a small clear water supply lake in western Missouri liked Watermelon Candy Texas rigged and fished slowly in the holes in the grass in less than 3 feet of water in the shade best in late October. These bass wanted it rigged with a 1/16 oz. weight and you had to let it settle in the hole and set for up to 45 seconds. These were not heavy hitters, you just felt their weight or saw the line move. You had to be a line watcher.

The Hogg Assassin is a big 5 inch long bait with a lot of garlic scent impregnated plastic in it. The head of the bait is almost ½ inch square and extends almost 1 ¾ inches back allowing plenty of room for a 4/0 or even a 5/0 hook and a rattle. The top of the bait’s head has deep ribs to hold scent and give that “it’s alive” feeling. I always add Kick’n Bass in Garlic to make the bait slippery that prevents it from sticking to that tree trunk just out of the water I flipped to. I just want all my human scent gone from a bait I’m using too. Each side of the bait head has little legs that generate vibrations and add to the “it’s alive” feeling the bass gets when she grabs the Hogg Assassin. Just as the ribbed head slims down a 1 ¾ inch flapper is attached on each side to increase the vibrations and “it’s alive” feeling. The hooked legs are almost 1 ½ inches wide at the tail and really spread out like a frog’s legs on the decent to lake bottom. This is a neat bait to play with in clear water as you can really see why a bass would think it was alive. 

Everyone has caught fish on the creature baits. They make good Carolina Rigged and fliipin’ baits, but most have little action until the angler causes it. The Hogg Assassin has great action with the slightest motion generated by twitching the rod while resting in place because of the hooked worm tails. You actually kill the fish catching ability of this bait if you add to much action.

The Hogg Assassin makes the best Carolina Rig Bait available today. To obtain the best action use a light wire off set 3/0 or 4/0 hook like a XPoint X15 so the Hogg Assassin can float up off the bottom with the hooked legs waving the bass in to bite. Fish this bait slowly for best results. Watch your line closely, as it will generally start moving away when a bass picks up the Hogg Assassin. They won’t let go because of the scent and the “it’s alive” feeling this bait presents.

Utilize the Hogg Assassin when you want to offer bass in cover a bulky bait that displaces lots of water. Rig it Texas Style with a 3/0 or 4/0 off set XPoint to call the bass in. Use the lightest weight you can and only peg it with a Top Brass Peg-It to protect your line if the cover is really heavy. Bass seam to hit the Hogg Assassin best as it settles to the bottom after the weight has. Don’t fish this bait too fast, as you will kill the built in action.

Flipping baits usually have little action once they fall to the bottom, but not the Hogg Assassin. Rig the Hogg Assassin with a Daiichi Copper Head Flipping Hook (use the Bleeding Bait Series in clear water for more bites) and peg the weight if flipping heavy cover. Add a rattle for extra attention getting noise. I use H & H Plastic Rattles Carolina Rattle between the weight and the bait. This rattle really helps call in the big ones. When Flipping the Hogg Assassin, let it set on the bottom for 30 to 45 seconds to let the leg’s action help call in the bass. If you don’t see the line move away, gentle jiggle the Hogg Assassin to let the rattle help call them in. Let this bait work for you and you’ll catch more bass. This bait requires line watching as the bass seam to pick the quivering live creature up and scoot off with it.

Slow down when fishing the Hogg Assassin and let the design of the bait work for you. The hooked legs work best when the bait is allowed to set on the bottom for 30 seconds or longer. Don’t set the hook instantly in heavy cover as the bass usually swim out of the cover away from the school so they don’t have to share. This bait feels alive and tastes good, so the bass hangs on and on. 

Bass Assassin knows they have so many styles and colors of baits no dealer can carry them all, so they have created an online store where every color and every bait is available (as soon as the Web Master can get his work completed). Surf right on out to http://www.bassassassin.com/ and check out the store. Check out the Saltwater Baits even if you only fish for freshwater. You will find a bright color selection and I’ve never met a bass that could read. I catch a lot of bass Drop Shotting Saltwater baits! You will simple be amazed at the array of colors and styles of baits the UPS man will bring right to your door.

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