Jim Noah   

Among all the fun and excitement Flowmaster is right at the top! Betty, my wife and I were invited to meet the Flowmaster Hot Rod Crew when they came through Kansas City May 18, and 19 while attending the Wrangler in Shreveport. Ray Flugger (owner) and Richard Small (one of B.A.S.S.'s main contacts) had their own hot rods on tour and they both have cars to be proud of. Richard's bright red 72 Super Sport with it's 503 C.I. motor will pass anything, but a gas station. They were very happy to see our gas prices compared to their $1.95 a gallon CA prices. The black and white pictures don't do the cars paint jobs justice. Ray's was freshly rebuilt with a brand new paint that switched colors in the light. His completely rebuilt car had less the 25 miles on it when the tour started. Ray is a good ol' country boy at heart and had the motor rebuilt to a 357 C.I. to match the cross hairs on the front fenders. Color pictures of the Comet will be in the September issue of Hot Rod Magazine that will do the car justice. I'm going to get some copies and maybe a hot rod is in the future. It was hard to not join them for the rest of the tour, but Ray wasn't willing to add me to the payroll for a few weeks to tour the country with him.

Flowmaster not only supports the Hot Rod tour in a big way, they donated money and merchandise to go to the Tornado victims of Oklahoma while in Oklahoma on the tour. Many still don't get the big picture like Flowmaster does. Ray and crew have been a big supporter of youth and Ray told us he was looking into ways the Hot Roders could bring their school kids along on the annual tour and get their school lessons over the Internet each day next year. Folks, here's a man with vision. The kind of vision that has created the worlds best exhaust system. I know, I've had on my Suburban for six years now and it's still working like the champ it is. Any new Suburban I get will have a Flowmaster on it.

Flowmaster and bass fishing go together like Hot Rods and us kids that never grew up! (Hope Betty doesn't read this.) Our tow rigs need the performance only a Flowmaster system can provide and in the near future we may even need a Flowmaster on our bass boats to improve their performance. Don't laugh, with all the pollution our outboards are putting in the lakes we may be looking at forced exhaust expended into the air not the water. One of the big American outboard manufactures has talked to Ray about what Flowmaster could do if required.

A little history for you that have not had the opportunity to attend a Wrangler Nationals, or a Classic and see how Flowmaster makes the State winners and their families feel special is in order. Flowmaster has become the sponsor of most of the Casting Kids after hours events like the night before the contest meal and the night after the contests evening fun at the Wrangler. Remember this is a crowd of over 500.

Flowmaster has not been on stage like some of the other national Casting Kids Sponsors, but to most of the Kids and me, Flowmaster is the best bar none. This kid even goes to the Wrangler Friday night Flowmaster kids meal and I have a blast! Some of us even skip the Wrangler Saturday night formal awards banquet to go have fun with the kids, Flowmaster's Steve and Richard, and recent years Fish Fishburn.

At dinner the talk turned to B.A.S.S. and Flowmaster's support of the Casting Kids events. Ray seams to think of more things for Richard and Steve Anderson (Flowmaster's two main B.A.S.S. contacts) to do at each of the two events which grow better and better every year. Ray said "It was obvious to him that the parents of the finalist also needed a trophy for all their hard work and dedication to the Casting Kids program and I plan to take care of that this year at the Classic." Ray has super sharp jackets for the parents at the Classic this year and I hope you see it in person or at least on TV.

Richard is just as creative as Ray and together the kids are the real winners. Richard and I discussed several ways to reward each State's Chapter that does the most to promote the Casting Kids program. The details are not complete, but I can tell you Author Byrant's Barbecue helps make a lot of things possible for kids when Flowmaster is involved. The details of the new Flowmaster program will be coming from B.A.S.S. as it will be a national program. It will be good for the chapter that promotes the Casting Kids program the most and it will be good for the kids. All I ask, is that next time you need an exhaust system, consider the best and put on a Flowmaster. You are getting the best money can buy and getting it from a company that supports the youth of America, Hot Rods, and B.A.S.S. I don't know of a better situation.

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