Jim Noah   

I've been playing with the Western Version on minnow fishin' with out the minnow last year and some this spring. Everyone out west thinks their new technique is just the hottest fishing method to every hit the water! Some will even tell you it started in Japan. Ain't so! It isn't new, if you ever crappie or catfished with live bait you were dropshotting (well sorta). I will give our brethren out west credit for doing it with expensive handpoured soft little baits. Little baits we had to special order if we could find the source. Little baits that cost more than some club anglers could win in all their tournaments. Bass Assassin heard the call of the west and answered it with a brand new 3 inch "killer" Split Tail. The most realistic little plastic baitfish ever made and certainly the best I've every dropshot with!

This life like plastic bait is complete with eyes, gills, and a new vertical split tail. The Split Tail is a super soft floater with fish attracting P-Enzyme cooked in with realistic action unmatched by any other plastic bait. You would swear this was a handpour when you pickup the bait! Only when you get to the cash register do you realize the cost saving benefits of having Bass Assassin solve our bait problems again.

Everyone will be able to find their favorite color with over 25 creations to chose from including five of my best colors: Electric Chicken, Rainbow Trout, Opening Night, Night Shiner, and Glass Minnow. The western boys are using some really wild and loud colors so don't be afraid to try a non-natural color. This new bait provides a realistic shape, in a smaller size with fish catching details that will fill the livewell. Dropshotting catches fish, lots of fish!

True dropshoters are using line as light as 4 lb. test and worms 2 inches long. This is a great clear water technique for Table Rock. I have had good luck in Missouri's waters staying with 8 lb. I've learned you have to stay with a smaller bait profile. Most of the bass I caught have came on baits 4 inches and under. I believe this is due to the fact that the baitfish suspended off the bottom are usually small and rarely make sudden movements. The angler can really kill this technique by adding too much action to the bait. Correctly done the bait will just sorta quiver with the weight not moving from the bottom. The correct action really requires a rod only available through Custom Shops or from Japan at this time. Brett Crawford, owner of All Star Rods guarantees we will have the best Dropshotting Rods available very this summer. Testing has began and once the rods are proven, they will be available to you. Your Dealer should be able to order the all American made All Star Rod by the time you read this.

I prefer to use an exposed hook setup using a light Daiichi size 1 Octopus Wide bait hook. Surprisingly you won't hang up that much with the exposed hook and you will get close to 100% of the bites in the boat. A major reason for the lack of hang ups is due to the fact that dropshotting keeps the bait off the bottom above the cover. To increase your hook ups I use a Polmar leaving the tag end about 18 to 24 inches long for a Thunder Bullet's Rattling Brass Weight (1/4 to 3/8 oz) begged below the hook. A trick I did learn from our western friends is to hold the hook with the point up and pass the tag end from the top through the hook eye before adding the weight. This causes the hook to standout straight equaling more hook-ups. The Rattling weight helps get the bass's attention and is cheaper than the hand pours with rattles added. Most of the strikes are head first due to the bait being right in the bass's face when they see it.

The 3 inch Killer can be fished on a Bass Assassin 1/8 or ¼ ounce jigheads with great success too. I have had great luck with the chrome red and lead with red eye jigheads Bass Assassin jigheads. You just don't want a big jighead with a large hook that kills the action. I find the Hunting Sports Plus Strip Pit's Bass just have to nail the little package gliding along like a live baitfish. Stockton Lake Walleye's like it dropshot of the main lake points. Walleye's are just a little hard on the baits, one bait - one walleye. Kinda like minnow fishing with out the mess.

Several anglers have called me wanting to know where they can find all the colors Bass Assassin has in it's massive line of soft plastic lures. I really only know of one place where you can find the total line, Bass Assassin's homepage BASSASSASSIN.COM. Their site allows you to order what you want using a secure credit card process. It's so easy and the great lures show up at your home without anyone knowing what you are going to win the next tournament with.

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