Jim Noah   

I was introduced to the neatest skirt making kits I've ever seen last fall at the Ranger Owner's M1 Tournament in Florida. Fellow competitor, Steve Luhman made us up some skirts one night in about 5 minutes right on the deck of my Ranger. The new skirts matched the baitfish perfectly! Steve made a believer out of me. I ordered the three "Hibdon's Classic Kits" because they are so easy to use to customize your jig, spinnerbait, or buzzbait skirts right on the water. You can match the hatch or create an un-matchable creation to draw the attention of bass a mile away.

The kits were assembled to Guido and Dion's specifications. The "Hibdon's Classic Kits" are available in the newest arrival "Nature Scales"®, as well as the new "Nature's Edge"® and "Sil-A-Chrome"®. Now you can have the skirt you want, exactly how you want to make it, just like Guido and Dion. Each kit comes with ten units of each color, 50 bands, 6 rattle straps, 12 rattles, and a banding tool with easy to follow instructions. The Skirt Banding Tool is simple, fast, and practical. Now you can easily band your skirts at home or in the boat,

Natures Scales® - glitter on the outside, in a scale pattern for maximum brilliance and a texture that feels like real fish scales. The color and reflective qualities are unbelievable in the water. You'll appreciate the durability of these skirts.

Nature's Edge® - is unlike any skirt material you've ever seen. This is the kit to use if you want to match the hatch as it gives you the natural edge. Completely natural tones with bursting spots of brown, yet the edge of the translucent strands capture sunlight creating texture and depth. This is my favorite kit for matching the crawfish found in our lakes. These skirts bring life to you jigs!

Sil-A-Chrome® - extreme flash in a skirt never thought possible before. The ultimate shine of chrome, in a fish scale pattern, on silicone rubber took years of research. These skirts are really the worlds best for spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

The kits are available from Skirts Plus on their Web Page They provide a secure credit card ordering service with fast shipping. Bass Pro also carries a Jig Kit and a Spinnerbait Kit made form them by Skirts Plus. Check them out before the fishing season gets going. You won't be disappointed. More sizes soon to pick from. Got to get you some!

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