Jim Noah  

BEFORE       and           AFTER    

UPS brought a small box from Scientific Bass Products (the Kick’n Bass Folks) recently.  I was surprised to find a spray bottle of Kick’n Bass “Bass Boat Clean & Shine” and a letter from Cosmic telling me this exciting story about how “this stuff is magic!  You got to give it a try and get back to me.”  We’ve all had that line pulled on us and I didn’t bite.  I put the spray bottle on the shelf in the basement and forgot it.

  A few weeks later I needed to polish the Blazer up and all the wax I could find in the garage was the Kick’n Bass “Bass Boat Clean & Shine” liquid.  I was thinking “Cosmic got me on this time”.  What the heck, I should have tried it anyway so I’ll snap a few before pictures and just for fun sprayed the polish on the unwashed hood just like Cosmic bragged about doing.  I was thinking this will be a product review no one wants published and the pictures will prove it!  I had never tried to polish an unwashed surface before.  The magic stuff worked just like Cosmic said it would!  The proof is in the pictures!  Now I went ahead and washed the rest of the Blazer out of pure habit and did the job “right”.  The “Bass Boat Clean & Shine” provided a great looking wax.

  I did the polish job last fall before heading to Nebraska to do a little hunting.  I had planned to put some real wax on it when I got back.  I still have not gotten around to doing the real wax job.  The Blazer still looks great after one tough winter!  I may never use that old fashion wax again on my vehicles.

  Several have complained about how hard Kick’n Bass scents are to get off their boats (just shows how well they sticks to your baits).  I now have the perfect answer. “Bass Boat Clean & Shine” really does the trick and makes your boat look like new.  I always try to keep my Ranger looking like new so I sprayed some Kick’n Bass on the back deck so I could blame a non-boating angler if it was a pain to clean off the next day.  The dried Kick’n Bass cleaned right up and then I had to do the whole boat to make it look good.  Made a believer out of me.

  I’ll still put on three to five coats of the best fiberglass wax I can find prior to the start of the season to protect my boat.  I’m going to carry a bottle of Kick’n Bass “Bass Boat Clean & Shine” in the Ranger to touch up the messes we all make.  Works great for those times we have to get on dirt roads too.  

  Right now the best place to order Kick’n Bass “Bass Boat Clean & Shine” is off their website at  I’m going to order several bottles just so I have some in each vehicles and boats.  I’m that sold on it.

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