Jim Noah   

While working for All Star Rods at the Kansas City Sports Show I was watching a fellow trying to display a funny looking lure attachment thing or so it looked from a distance.  With no one around I walked over to the display and checked it out.  I was impressed, but with no one around I couldn’t ask any questions.  I left my card and went back to selling All Star Rods.  Later that evening the owner Terry Borchardt came over and introduced himself and his new product.  He told me Bob Brown of All Star Rods had told him to look me up so we quickly became acquainted.  I moved Terry and his LureStraps down to Sport Boats USA and onto a Ranger.  We even had him fit a display boat out with the lure storage system so people could see how they worked.  While he may not have sold a lot of LureStraps at the Sports Show or the Boat Show, he got the word out in the Kansas City area about his new inventive way to increase you lure storage in your boat using the wasted space on the underneath side of your storage lids.

For under $35.00 (less than a tank of boat gas) you can have 60 of you top lures right at hand and ready for the day’s fishing.  My friend and Pro Angler, Brent Chapman was quick to see the value this system will add in fishing time to your day on the water.  Brent not only has equipped his Skeeter, he has indorsed the product.  As you can see from the picture of the inside of my Ranger Rod Locker lid, I’m loaded and ready for a day on the water. 

LureStraps are so simple, you wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Each lure can be individually secured utilizing hook and loop fastening materials that are adjustable to hold crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and top waters.  LureStrap’s lure storage system eliminates the frustration of tangled lures.  LureStrap utilizes a water resistant adhesive that will withstand virtually any weather conditions and can be installed without tools on fiberglass, metal or plastic surfaces inside your storage lids rod box lids, inside walls, or almost anywhere in your boat.  You now have your favorite lures at hand, right where you want them!

Bass Pro Shops are carrying the LureStraps as well as most local Bass Pro Dealers and many other independent dealers.  They are also in Bass Pro’s Spring Catalog.  LureStrap™ is available in a package of six fasteners which holds twelve or more of your favorite lures or accessories.  Suggested retail price for the LureStrap™ 6-pack is $5.95.  This product is so new it may not be available close to you, so you can order it off the web at  Terry is working on a B.A.S.S. Federation Program and will be supporting the National Jr. Federation Tournament at Smithville Lake in July.

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