Jim Noah   

While working the Houston Bass Pro Shop, a friend showed me a crawfish bait that looked so real I thought we should just cook it and eat it.  It was actually was the 5 inch model and a dozen would make a big meal!  It was a Mad Man Mooneyham Lure creation.  Bass Pro sells these in Springfield, but not Houston so I left without any.

  Since Darren and I had email communicated a few months earlier on scents and fishing big Sam, I called Darren Mooneyham.  We talked about this massive crawfish and all his lures.  He actually has three sizes: a 3, 4, & 5 inch in sixteen realistic colors of crawfish.  I got his web site,, and checked out his baits.  A few days later a small box arrived with a note saying "Here are some cull colors that I use.  Some might have a missing antenna or a little web effect from the mold but all are fishable."  Nice guy sending me rejects, but them Darren's a Mad Man.

  Off to the Hunting Sports Plus PITs to feed the rejects to the bass.  None of the bass I caught even thought once about these being rejects.  The bass really liked these in the clear waters of Pit 9.  The tails are thick and hold the hook well.  These craws float upright and ready to fight off the bass with a XPoint 3/0 Extra Wide Gap with no problem.  While I didn't catch any monsters, the male bass were quick to grab them and hang on.  It was a good thing I shot some photos before heading to the Pits as I came back without any craws left.

  These have been about five years in the making, an unheard of length of time to make a bait these days!  They have a hollow body that makes hooking the bass easy and I believe must feel real to the bass because they won't let them go.  Setting the hook is no problem with these craws.

  I've ask the Mad Man to send me some for the Jr. Team for their trip to Canada, but to include some more rejects for the PIT bass.  I need to prove the first trip is repeatable after all.  Checkout the Mad Man's web site and you may get hungry just looking at those realistic craws too.  The Bass do!

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