Jim Noah   

While at the Bassmaster Classic last year I was introduced to a new drop shot weight made by the Mojo Pro Tackle, Inc. At the Classic, I was just not excited about this new weight. It was the same ol’ weight with a wire clasp. Once I got home I found one little weight rigged up in my camera bag. Rigged and useless to fish with. Planted, I’m sure since I was not that interested in their find at the Classic. This weight laid on my desk for several weeks before I picked it up, took it out of the bag and started playing with it. Remembering their test on the line knot strength testing machine, I hung the hook on one of my desk handles and started pulling on the weight. The light line broke, but not at the weight where I expected it to. Figuring that the line had a slight nick in it I tied the leader to the draw handle and pulled again. The line broke in the middle and not at the weight.

Since the weight had “showed me” it worked, I emailed Mojo and after a few replies a small envelop showed up. Three weights are not enough for a test, so more emails and a bill and two boxes show up. These folks don’t spend money foolishly.

I’ve been using and now have to order more Mojo Weights because they really work well for me. I really do catch a lot of fish Drop Shotting and these have became my weight of choice. They are so easy to use once you get the hang of it.

It takes longer to describe the process than to do it, but here goes. Thread your tag end of the knot connection your hook through the wire clasp about 2 inches. Grab the two ends of the wire sticking out the other end of the weight and pull down on them while holding the weight until the wire clasp is hidden in the weight. Bend the two wire ends around the bend in the weight and trim flush with the outside of the weight. Mojo now has a neat cutter I’ll have to order that will make the job easier. You will hang up if you do not trim the wires very close to the weight. Voice of experience! You’re now ready to catch the big one.

I’ve added a few pictures from Mojo’s web site to provide a visible set of instructions.

I’ve used the Mojo Weights since I lived in Arizona in the eighties and thought everyone else did too. We move back to Missouri and I find out you can not buy them here and no one knows what there are. Each trip to Arizona resulted in some very heavy suitcases filled with all the fishing goodies I couldn’t find here in Missouri, even at Bass Pro! That’s changing and Web shopping is now common.

Mojo have kits set-up to make getting started very easy. The Drop Shot Kit includes the weights and wire clasp described above, One they call the “Slip Shot Kit” using the traditional Mojo weights pegged with jig rubber. I NEVER use split shot crimped to my line. We are all using smaller test line and I fear I will nick my line when I clamp on a split shot. You can not damage your line using the Slip Shot method! The last kit is called the “Carolina Kit” that utilizes the Mojo weight in place of the big bulky Carolina weights we all use. You will be surprised how well the Mojo weights come through the rocks, weeds, brush, and other junk your regular bulky sink hangs up in. I’ve switched to this method completely when throwing a Carolina rig around any type of cover. You get hung up less leaving more time to catch fish and less time re-rigging!

While some stores carry the Mojo weights and kits, I’ve had the best luck getting my Mojos directly from their web site. or call their toll free number 800-474-MOJO (6656)They offer a secure order sight and the UPS man brings them right to your door. Order yours today and increase you’re fishing time. You’ll also increase your catching! Mojo is even giving away a free shirt with each kit sold on their web site.

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