Jim Noah   

The wizards at Plano Manufacturing have been working overtime to create one of the simplest carrier for their famous 3700 size plastic tackle storage boxes. The sturdy Tackle Logic 3347 carrier holds 4 3700 size boxes and with an expandable mess pocket on each end to hold numerous other items. I found the pockets easily held one bottle Kick'n Bass, one Worm Wrap, and pliers on one side and one 3500 plastic box of XPoint hooks, four packs of Bass Assassin, and three Thunder Bullet Marker Pens on the other end.

I'm a tackle junkie and most times have more items than I'll ever use with me. I found this carrier was all I needed for a short trip in someone else's boat or for airline trips. This is the best solution I've found for carrying your tackle on the plane with you. Never, ever trust your tackle to fly as baggage. I have not found an airline luggage handler proof tackle box yet (I'm happy just to see my suitcases make it) and I really need my tackle to do well when I arrive. When you travel by air you will find the new Plano carrier the best solution available to date!

With Christmas coming up this would be a neat little gift for any angler. Remember the Plano 3347 is great when you travel. I have two and won't fly with any other kind of tackle box.

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