Jim Noah   

I thought Tackle Logic had just about built every conceivable soft tackle box, then I find the brand new 3307 soft bag.  This one was developed by busy, on the go anglers.  It's a big roomy bag that will hold a large assortment of boxes and bags.  Divided into two major sections, sections that are sized correctly for the items we tend to carry when out for a day or a week of angling.  Each 3307 comes with five of the new 3750 boxes, one 3503 spinnerbait box, and two 3450 boxes for small terminal tackle.  Everything you need to start to organize for a fishing trip.  Organization in the easiest way there is to maximize your time on the water.  The 3307 makes organization EASY!

  I really like the way the lower front has a separate zipper compartment with loops just for scent, markers, or pork.  I stick all the small got to have things right in this compartment.  The top section has a net bag for your maps and other items you need all the time, safely held in place by a Velcro flap.

  I liked the divided concept because I organized the top section to hold the items I know I'll use the most.  I include all the terminal tackle, spinnerbaits and crankbaits I plan to use in the top section with additional items in the lower section in the new Tackle Logic 3750 boxes.  This arrangement makes for easy quick access to the items you'll use the most and additional items just below.  The four side pockets are great for storing a ton of soft plastics.  One side pocket even comes with loops and snap rings for your plastic storage bags.

  As the pictures shows, this bag has been thought out and designed by anglers for anglers.  This would be the only bag I would ever use if I had to leave my Ranger at home.  This bag should be on every non-boater's wish list of items they have to have.  Bass Pro Shops carry the 3307 in the catalog for $59.99 with all eight plastic boxes and the snap rigs to hold your plastic bags.  This is a real bargain!

  I also discovered the new 3450 boxes while organizing the 3307 and I'm going to get a bunch more to help me organize my tackle like I want it.  Take a look at the picture of this neat way to arrange the dividers so you can maximize the amount of tackle you carry and still stay organized.  I label all my plastic boxes with a Permanent Marker on all six sides.  This way I know the exact box I want and don't have to search through all the ones I have to get the correct one. Don't worry the Permanent Marker can be removed with a little alcohol on a paper towel.

  You better get one today so you will be organized for the next trip to the lake.  As usual Tackle Logic has a winner in the 3307 Soft Bag and the 3450 boxes.  I'm going to order some for me and you better too!

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