Jim Noah   

Don't throw that old rain suit away if you believe in magic!  I like most had a couple of pair of Gore-tex® Rain Suit that had lost it’s ability to turn away the rain.  Both suits looked great and had little wear and no tears.  I had them hanging in the garage waiting for I don’t know what.  I saw an ad for REVIVEX® Water Repellent Products and ordered the small size just to be sure it worked.   It Works!

  I washed the blue rain suit and let it dry hanging in the shower.  After it was dry, I actually followed the instruction on the back of the bottle.  You simple spray the rain suit with for REVIVEX® Water Repellent.  Be sure you get the total suit cover.  Place the sprayed suit in the dryer on the heat cycle and magic just happens.

  I couldn't tell any difference in looking at the nice clean blue rain suit.  I couldn't test the suit in the rain since it wasn't raining out. I headed to the basement shower.  I hung the jacket on the towel rack and sprayed the heck out of the fastened jacket.  The water stayed on the outside of the jacket and beaded up when I turned the shower off.  The treated rain suit worked just like it did when I bought it several years ago. 

  Typical in Missouri, the opportunity to check out my revived Gore-tex® Rain Suit came just a few days later as I prepared to go to the lake to test jerk baits.  While the rain muddied up the local lake and the bass were too cold to bite in February, the revived rain suit kept me dry.  I was impressed!

  I would plan on buying some REVIVEX® Water Repellent form my local sporting goods store, from Bass Pro or Cabela's to revive your rain gear too.  I'm going to get some and treat the second Gore-tex® Rain Suit still hanging in the basement just waiting to be put to use.  Don't be caught in the rain when you can use the magic in REVIVEX® Water Repellent.

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