Jim Noah

I believe scent and sound properly used will definitely insure more strikes.  I have proved it time and time again all over the country in the big clear Hawg Troughs.  I have many times followed other Pros that did not get a strike and been able to excite the bass with sound and scent.  100’s of times on the troughs over the years have convinced me to use scent on all plastic baits.  I simply have proven to myself scent works!

I, like you, don’t use scents as much or often as we should!  Why?  Messy.

Scentbox to the rescue.  These are the neatest little boxes I’ve every seen.  They hold the scent and you just place the plastic bait in the box and close the lid.  Open the lid remove the lure that is now scented and your back to fishing.  No mess on the Ranger to cleanup either.  All the scent you put on the boat, yourself, and in the lake is now saved for your baits.  That alone makes the cost of the boxes a bargain (about the price of 3 bottles of scent).  I love them and you will to.

Scentboxes are so easy to use.  Get one box per scent you use.  I got three to cover crawfish, garlic, and shad.  Only ones I use all made by Kickn’ Bass.  At home add about ½ the bottle of scent to the box and close with the rubber band provided.  I wrote the scent flavor with a marker on the lid of each of mine.  I also added a strip of velcro (part that sticks to carpet) to the bottom of each so they stick to the Ranger carpeting.  That way they are always handy to grab and you will use scents like you should!  You won’t kick them out either in the heat of the battle.  I put all three in a large zip lock bag for ease of storing until I’m on the water.  I found I used scent more and still did not waste the scent as I had in the past.

If you are ready to use scent without the mess, order your own Scentboxs by calling toll free 1-888-235-3215 (have your credit card handy) or by sending or faxing your order to: 

Blackwater Mfg. Co. 
P. O. Box 945
Woodville, FL 32362 
FAX  (850)-421-1910 
email: [email protected].

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