Jim Noah   

Bass Assassin with input from the Pro Staff has created a smaller profile 4" Assassin that is so new the molds were not completed until late January. I was one of the lucky ones to have some of the prototypes used to create the molds. The lazy winter bass love these new smaller baits!

The 4" Assassin has a smaller profile with the body just 5/16' wide and 1/2" deep. The slender tail has been widened slightly and forked to increase the action and vibration created when the bait is giggled from a Daiichi Bleeding Drop Shot'n Hook. The familiar belly slit that allows for better hook bite when rigged weed-less is included in this new bait. All the normal Assassin colors will soon be available too.

I had been after this bait for some time now and it is simple going to become the main stay for all the applications that require a small slim bait to draw the strikes. This is the perfect winter bait (Missouri is in the winter when I started testing the new bait) and any time the bite becomes tough. While I don't have all the testing in I would like I have done enough to see this bait is high floating subtle moving bait the bass at Truman loved Split Shot rigged. Sure they were all spots and none were over 2 pounds, but I was thrilled just be able to catch them. They would not touch my Dropped spoon, jig, jerkbait, or crankbait. I would not have had one bass in the boat without going to Drop Shotting. My Garmin electronics showed the bass were stacked right along the ridge, but I did not catch one until I rigged up the Drop Shot rig with the 4" Assassin almost 8' up from the weight. Sure it looked funny and it was a pain to use, but it worked! Worked very well I might add.

Many times we see small slim minnows around docks, rip rap, bridge pilings, and other cover, but have not been able to get a hit. This new Assassin will be the ticket because it has a smaller profile and will easily swim through the water like a real live minnow. This will be my spring time weapon at just before and during the spawn. I can hardly wait for spring at Lake of the Ozarks. I'm going to catch some BIG BASS on this little bait.

Do be sure you rig this new smaller bait with a light wire sharp hook like the Daiichi and XPoints I use. This bait must be rigged right to work properly. The 4" Assassin will not be in all the stores yet. I really only know of one place where you can find the total line including this new hot baby, Bass Assassin's homepage Their site allows you to order what you want using a secure credit card process. It's so easy and the great lures show up at your home without anyone knowing what you are going to win the next tournament with.

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