Jim Noah   

Solar Bats were once the best sunglasses for angling, but now they cover Any Sport, Any Time of the Day.  A pretty big claim that Solar Bat backs up with over twenty frame styles and eight colors of polarized lenses.  Dr. Gary Nesty, founder and owner of Solar Bats sent me a few 2001 catalogs knowing I would have to order a few new pairs.  He was right!

I've had my Solar Bats for a couple of years and needed new prescription inserts anyway so it seamed like the right time to order a couple new pairs too!  I always have trouble with my eyes tearing when I run down the lake so I selected the new G-Bat # 23.  This is Solar Bats in goggle form, only better.  The G-Bat blocks out all the sun and wind without the bulky hot elastic straps of goggles.  Not only are they more comfortable than the old style goggles, they don't fog up!  With the vent holes and the frame designed to circulate the wind I've experienced no fogging at all to date.  As you can see from the picture the two tone colors make them cool on the face and my grandkids say those are some cool glasses!

While I've never played golf, I liked the looks of the Cooleyes Sunglasses so I ordered COOLEYES R # 18K.  These are the lightest sunglasses you will ever pickup and with interchangeable lens.  While I've only had these a few days now, they are the sunglasses I grab to run out to get the mail or mow the yard.  These are the lightest, most comfortable sunglasses I've ever owned.  My wife says she wants these with prescription lens, but Dr. Nesty has not made them yet.  These also use two tone frames to reflect heat and make your face cooler.  They really work well.

I've ordered mine direct and you can too, but several sporting goods and other stores are carrying them around the state.  Remember to talk about Solar Bats when your on the stage at one of the MOBASS Tournaments and if you are the highest placing angler I'll give you a $50.00 bonus from Solar Bats.  Great deal from a great company that makes the best Sunglasses you can buy for fishing!

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