Jim Noah   

Robin (owner of Bass Assassin) has done it again!  I ask for a bright green trailer for my Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits in the Turbo Shad bait form.  The new Glitterbug is more than I expected and boy do the Strip Pit Bass love it!  Anyone fishing lime green or white Spinnerbaits or Buzzbaits wanting to add more flash and green should be using the new Glitterbug Tubo Shad. The new 2000 PT in the Tubo shad is a great way to add a splash of pink to you Spinnerbaits and Buzzzbaits too.  The Turbo Shad adds bulk to the hook insuring the hook is sucked in the bass’s mouth while the tail knob adds extra vibration to the bait.  No one makes a better trailer for adding these fish catching traits. 

 Also new to the amazing line of colors is Chicken Bone, a toned down version of the famous Electric Chicken I’ve done so well on in the Shad Assassins in clear water.  No, I don’t have a clue why bass hit a pink and chartreuse bait, but they do with a vengeance.  The Pit Bass loved the new Chicken bone 5” Shad Assassin too.  The new Chicken Bone is a pink over bone bait that works well in clear to stained water.

The Glitterbug is best described as bright green with a ton of gold glitter with black and bright green glitter added.  It really reflects light and if the baitfish have a hint of green to a lot of green in them, this is the bait to use.  Anywhere you find green sunfish this will be the bait to use.  This would be my first choice where the bass are feeding on sunfish in the grass or around the docks.

2000 PT is pink over white and makes a great clear to slightly stained water bait.  I expect this bait will see a lot of saltwater use, but I’ve never met a fish that could read.  I’m planning on trying 2000 PT at Lake of the Ozarks around the docks sometime soon.  I can pretend I’m fishing in the ocean with all the big waves.

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