Jim Noah   

The best Carolina Rig bait yet is Bass Assassin's new 4 inch "killer" Split Tail. The most realistic plastic baitfish ever made and certainly the best I've every used! This life like plastic bait is complete with eyes, gills, and a new vertical split tail. The Split Tail is a super soft floater with fish attracting P-Enzyme cooked in with realistic action unmatched by any other plastic bait. Even the ones you may have saw on some late night paid TV ad. Everyone will be able to find their favorite color with 20 creations to

chose from including three of my best colors: Silver Mullet, Opening Night, and Electric Chicken. Sure I like the odd names and I'll bet no one is using these colors in our waters. I have done really well using Electric Chicken in stained to muddy water with a rattle added to draw savage strikes. Electric Chicken is comprised of a pink back with a chartreuse belly with silver glitter. It really shows up well in the darker waters of many of Missouri waters.

Silver Mullet closely matches the minnows of our state and I use it in slightly stained water. Opening Night is the perfect clear water bait with it's light purple hue loaded with glitter. Don't forget Opening Night when you head to Table Rock. It's a bass magnet in the Rocks clearer water. It works well on Pomme and Stockton too. These are the preferred colors at the Noah Test Pits (Hunting Sports Plus's Strip Pits).

I prefer to use an exposed hook setup using a Daiichi CircleWide 1/0 allowing me to just reel in instead of striking hard on the hook set. Every bass was hooked in the corner of the mouth due to the design onthe CircleWide. Surprisingly you won't hang up that much with the exposed hook and you will get close to 100% of the bites in the boat.

Several anglers have called me wanting to know where they can find all the colors Bass Assassin has in it's massive line of soft plastic lures. I really only know of one place where you can find the total line, Bass Assassin's homepage BASSASSASSIN.COM. Their site allows you to order what you want using a secure credit card process. It's so easy and the great lures show up at your home without anyone knowing what you are going to win the next tournament with.

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