Jim Noah   

I know you are thinking I've went off the deep end now, but the rig shown in the photo really works great!  I've been using it at the Hunting Sports Plus Pits and at Lake of the Ozarks to catch a bunch of fish and you never miss a strike.

  All you need to make this neat fish catching baby is a Split Tail Shad by Bass Assassin (I like the Silver Mullet the best in the slightly stained to clear water), #44 HitchHiker Rigging Device, Kick'n Bass Garlic Scent, and Daiichi 2/0 or 3/0 Bleeding Circle Wide hook.  Everything is easily available at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, and from several internet suppliers like eAngler, and checkout for the complete selection of baits in all the colors and sizes.

First open up the eye of the HitchHiker just a little so it slides easily over the point of the Bleeding Circle Wide.  Screw the HitchHiker in the nose of the Split Tail.  Tie the Bleeding Circle Wide on the Fire Line with a Palmar knot (I use a little Carson's Fishing Glue on the knot).  Slip the rigged Split Tail over the hook point, add some Kick'n Bass for extra confidence and start catching bass!

  I really have had great luck using Fire Line 10-pound test because braided line absorbs less line twist.  I believe I lost some of the fish attracting action when I tried a swivel a few feet up the line.  I just stick with Fire Line spooled on my Daiwa SS2500C Spinning Reel attached to my AST815S All Star Rod and reel in the bass.  That's right, don't set the hook, Circle Wides work best if you just wind in the line with the rod at the 11:00 position to insure you keep a tight line.  Believe me, it will take you a few tries to get the hang of this, but until you do you will not be as successful as you can be.

  I cast the Stoopid rig out and do a slow count to 3 and start a slow retrieve with slight ill-regular slight jerks with the rod at the 8:00 position.  In the clear water I've been fishing it really looks just like a dying or injured bait fish at least to me and the many bass that to eat it.  I experiment with the count until I find the depth the bass want.  By the way, this is a multi-species bait.  I've caught catfish, crappie, blue gill, and bass to date.

  I've practiced this all over the country in Bass Pro's hawg tanks and got strike after strike following other big name Pros that didn't get a bass to look at their offerings.   The Stoopid rig worked just as well as drop shoting in most locations.

  I've been using the bleeding series of Daiichi hooks ever since they came out and I believe in stained to clear water they make a positive difference.  I have proved it time and time again in the Hawg Tanks I get to play in all over the country.  Several of my biologist friends tell me it's the "Gill Flash".  All I know is the Bleeding Hooks really make a big difference.  I use them on my crankbaits too.

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