Jim Noah   

I’m always testing new lures, and always looking for some way to sort and store the new stuff.  An outfit called Finovationz, Inc. has solved this problem for me. They did it by creating a new system that’s as unique as their name.  They’ve created a plastic box they call a Tackle-Rack. The Tackle-Rack is a new system of lure management that’s made to order for the bass angler who changes lures as often as I do. 

I do a good bit of product review so I spend a lot of time trying different lures, colors, and techniques.  I have to change something even when the bass Like what I’m throwing, just so I can tell you how they liked this or that new producer.  The deck of my Ranger looks like a mess most of the time with lures in every direction.  After a dozen or so new baits on the deck they start to get tangled in everything.  Even in my Tiva Sandals.

I don‘t view the Tackle-Rack as a storage solution, but for when the action starts.  I add the lures I plan to test or use if it’s not a testing mission to the handy box.  The lures just don’t tangle since they hang vertical out of the way.  Spinnerbaits hang for the center compartment.  The used lures quickly drip dry with the water draining out the holes drilled in the bottom corners.  Also works great if you get caught in a rain storm.  No more rusted mess because you forgot to let your tackle dry after a busy day on the water.

The folks at Finovationz have to be anglers to design such a unique box.  You have instant access to the entire box without opening a drawer or unzipping a pouch.  Either side can be opened or the entire lid can be removed and snapped to the bottom for no hassle lure changes.  Snap the lid back on top and none of the lures can escape.  With pliers and scissors fit right in the center in small slots so you know right where they are.  The dividers are moveable and additional ones can be purchased so you can customize this little jewel to suit your needs.  A couple of trays for small terminal tackle like hooks, worm weights, and swivels are also included.

Finovationz made this box out of “worm proof” polypropylene that is durable even for us busy anglers.  The Tackle-Rack is about 12-inches wide, 17 inches long and 10 inches deep.  It fits in any of my Ranger 520’s storage boxes.  They say you can jam 70 lures into their box, but I have not counted the ones I’ve been using.

I plan to order a second box to use on trips to the Strip Pits in the Lowe John boat I keep handy so I can leave at a moments notice.  I can quickly grab the lures I think the bass will want this trip and be ready to hit the road with everything organized to maximize my time on the water.

If you get an opportunity to try angling in the saltwater lure clean-up will be a breeze.  Just leave the lures in the box at day’s end and simply hose them down with fresh water and let them dry before putting them away.

This have to have tackle management system is brand new. Chances are you won’t find it at your favorite sporting goods store yet, but it can be ordered for you from Finovationz, Inc., 900 Briggs Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08504. The phone number is 877 881-3662. If you run into problems ordering a Tackle-Rack, check out the company’s Internet Web site address. You’ll find it at

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