Jim Noah   

Time and time again I’ve proven sound can be more of an attraction to bass than the visual sight of a lure.  I can follow just about anyone to the glass hawg troughs across the nation and get more hits on my little old Bass Assassin French Fry than anything the rest want to throw.  Why?  I always match this magic little floating worm with a begged 1/8 oz. Trolling Thunder Rattling Brass worm weight.  Many times the sound will have the bass on point like a bunch of bird dogs.  They will even hit the brass due to the noise.  The clicking sound of the Rattling Brass worm weight sounds just like a crawdad or other live thing waiting to be bass food.  It’s a dinner bell to a bass and many other species.  Thunder Bullets will increase your catch ratio by several bass a trip.

  It’s great fun to get the biggest bass in the trough to hit a little French Fry!  Sure the crowd thinks it just the worm or the color.  I’ve been able to do the same with chartreuse or camo without a problem in the same 30 minutes.  I always tell the crowd “It’s the total system that puts bass in the boat.”  Some are smart enough to ask to see the system and where do I get the parts.  Most are not.  Don’t be in the later category.

  Fortunately for us, not all parts are created equal.  You have to have the best of every component to catch the most bass.  Thunder Bullets have the absolute best brass components available to anglers anywhere at any price!  They provided a wide arrangement of prizes at the 98 State Qualifying Tournament and I really became interested in their expanding line of brass products at that time.  I quickly became an ardent Thunder Bullets customer.

  At the ASA ICAST show earlier in July in Chicago I got to spend some time with the factory folks and learn a whole lot more about what they do and their new exciting products.  I’m trying to get my hands on some of them now.  Brass is the heart of their neat line of products because it is completely safe in aquatic environments, reason enough to use it.  It should be in your tackle box because it telegraphs bottom content better, won’t deform like lead, and it’s so much louder than lead.  It just makes sense to use Thunder Bullet weights.

  These products are all created on computer controlled precision machinery in a shop that turns out hip and knee replacement joints (John ol’ buddy do I get a discount) to fuel systems for planes.  It’s really no wonder everything is perfect with no worry of potential for line damage.  Only in a shop like Wicht Machine Works could brass weights that rattle, release air bubbles, and lock to your plastic bait be designed, much less produced.  These weights will give you a competitive edge when fishing clear water lakes like Ozarks and Table Rock.   They will add extra attraction to your bait in any color water.

  To get your own Thunder Bullets Catalog write them at 17515 Territorial Road, Osseo, MN 55369 or visit them on the Web at   These are products you need to catch more bass so get on the brass wagon.

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