Jim Noah   

I’ve been beating up the newest member of the Timber Tiger Family of crankbaits, the Worden’s DC13 that easily reaches down to 13 feet on 10 lb. test line.  The DC in the Timber Tiger family stands for Depth Control with the number following indicating the expected depth with 10 lb. test line.  The newest family member is 2 1/8 inches long and weights 5/16 of an oz.  Really the bass have been doing the beating and I’ve been doing the catching.  I know where a hump is in one of the many Pits at Hunting Sports Plus that the bass can just stack on.  The little DC13 begs to be smacked as it crawls down the hump.  The bass have been doing a great job of killing this new crankbait.

While I’ve had the honor of using the whole family of Timber Tiger Crankbaits, this new one is fast becoming my new favorite.  It covers the depth area I find I can catch a lot of bass - the 10 to 14 foot range.  I can even go shallower if I use 20 lb. test line and hold the 7 foot All Star at 1:00.  If I go with 8 lb. test with the All Star almost touching the water I can just hit 15 foot.  My comfort range most of the time is covered with the new DC13.  It’s a bass’s comfort zone to most of the year.

The DC13 has the same great family design that provides the ability to wiggle through the brush and not hang up.  The Timber Roller ridge on the lip and the guard fins protect the hook points from the brush and timber like no other crankbait available!  It can be cranked as fast as you can turn the handle without losing it’s ability to track true.  This bait has a violent flight and fright action that fish key in on.  This action is extremely important in catching bass.  This action tigers strikes without the bait making contact with the bottom or other structure. 

The DC13 is available now in 45 colors, 17 new ones.  Colors that are mainly extremely natural to some new wild ones.  Two new ones that will be a hit in the clear ozark waters is # 242 Transparent Brown Craw Orange Accents and # 239 Columbia Squawfish/Smelt.  #226 will see a lot of action too, being Gold with a Black Back.  You can bet these will be in my Ranger when I head to the clear waters to hunt for bass.   Three new reds are in the line up too for when we head to Lake Fork.  Dion Hibdon picked out some of new colors to try and while I won’t disclose the ones I ordered the Hibdon’s, you can bet Dion was matching the hatch more than goin’ wild and crazy!

The Worden’s DC13 will be available by the time you read this and if your dealer does not have any he can order them in the colors you want.  Your local dealer can contact Central States Marketing at (800) 381-8030 for complete ordering details.

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