Jim Noah   

Worden’s have done it again.  They have just created a 12 to 16 inch deep running tight wriggling fish catching plastic wonder called the DC1.  This plug can easily bulge the surface or dive almost a foot and ½ deep.  Just the right depth to fool bass feeding on or near the surface.  The Hunting Sports Plus Strip Pit bass come rocketing out of the weeds to kill this little morsel wriggling above their heads. I’ve done real well parallel the banks about 2 feet out along some of the bluffs at Lake of the Ozarks too.  Spotted bass hit it so hard they almost knock the rod out of your hand.  This bait will only get better in the fall when the bass are herding shad to fatten up for the winter.

  To complete the shallower Timber Tiger series, Tom Seward developed the DC5 that runs right at the 5 foot depth.  I used this bait on the trip to the Pits with Faron Morse in late June to fool lots of bass.  We caught bass after bass from the weeds.  Kinda funny how Faron wanted to “test” them some more later!  The small size and tight wriggle was just what the bass wanted.  The DC5 is just the perfect depth for running under the docks on Lake of the Ozarks.  I has great success in the river just out of Warsaw after our last Board of Directors Meeting in July. 

  Over the past year I have learned a few tricks that will make your Timber Tigers more effective and longer lasting fish catchers. The hooks are so sharp they can act as ice picks and punch holes right in the Timber Tiger body.  I know, I’ve caused the baits to take on water and loose their action by crowding too many in my Plano boxes.  Again it’s our fault, not the Timber Tigers.

  The super hot days we have had can cause the temperature to get well over 150 degrees in our vehicles and clear plastic boxes.  Timber Tigers are sealed hollow thin plastic bodies that can explode when exposed to these type of extreme temperatures.  I have found I need to treat them with care when extreme temperatures are possible.  I don’t leave them in sealed vehicles and clear plastic boxes.  I make sure the clear boxes are out of direct sun light and not tightly sealed to reduce the temperature inside the boxes.  I take them in the house or hotel and never store them in my boat for extended time.  I treat them just like I do the mono line on my reels and if you do the same you won’t have a problem.  They get their fish catching action in part due to the thin body design.

I get lots of questions on why Worden’s went with the snap and not a split ring to tie to.  I have found I get better action with the snap and I feel you get a better tie area that can not cause any line weakening like the split ring can.  While I don’t, you can always change lures without retying.  I would only consider doing this if I was fishing in an area without any type of snags that could nick or weaken the line in any way.  Since I don’t fish that type of area and since I believe we all fail to retie as often as we should, I always retie when I change baits, after every fish, and if I feel the bait working through cover.  Don’t worry about the snap opening up on a big fish.  A number 2 snap takes at least 20 pounds of pressure to open up!  It won’t fail if you are using your drag correctly and 10 - 17 pound test line.  The line will break before the snap comes open.  I always use Berkley XT 10 pound test on all my crankbaits.  Always use a knot with a double loop around the snap like the palomar.  You can close the small loop at the opposite side of where the snap is opened with a serrated teeth pair of pliers.

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