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  Bass eat smaller bass!  Sorry, but that’s a fact of life in the pond.  Many a predator fish (bass, walleyes, and big bluegill) eat baby bass and many companies have Baby Bass patterns in their crankbait line.  None are as realist as the hand airbrushed Worden’s Baby Bass (color # 263) just introduced.  A splash of pink is added to the throat.  This was the hot color when the fry were about 2 to 3 inches long at the Pits.  You should have at least a couple of the DC3s, DC5s, DC8’s, and the DC13’s in this Baby Bass pattern.  You will be happy with the results. 

  One of the old reliable patterns in the Worden’s line is Ghost Spook that has been duplicated in the Timber Tiger line.  The Timber Ghost Spook (color # 262) has a pearl body with vertical silver bars and back with glitter.  This has been one of my favorites in clear to stained water for a long time.  This is the one to use in stained water where the bass are eating shad and other silver light colored minnows.

The Gold Foil Holograph Minnow (color # 265) has been a Smallmouth magnet with a fair number of walleyes added to the catch at Stockton.  I only have a DC4 in this color and would have loved to have had it at Lake St. Clair when we stopped with the MOBASS Jr. Team to fish for smallies.  I know they would have ate it up!  This is a clear to slightly stained water bait and does not have a rattle.  Trout love it too!  I’ll have to have some in several of the depth ranges and suggest you do too!

  When you are hunting for bass and their primary food source is perch and sunfish always use a bait with green and lots of shine.  Metallic Perch (color # 263) is the perfect answer with a white belly and a red throat too.  I had great success with this in the clear ponds created along some of the Interstates where sunfish are the food source.  This is a gold and metallic green over a chrome body.  The back is black and side stripes are red with the white belly.  Again these are hand airbrush painted and have a brighter detail than any done the old fashion way using pad printing.  These work very well around the docks where the sunfish hangout.  I’ll have these ready for those type of lakes.

  The last new color is not meant to be a bass colored crankbait, but I have never met a bass that could read.  Peacock (color # 260) is a really bright chrome body with a red back with an orange belly with black hash marks on the side.  While designed for trout, steelhead, and salmon the central American bass have ate it up.  I don’t have an idea what they think just swam by, but they want to kill it before it spreads!  Several nice walleye have ate this one too.  While I expect you will have a hard time finding this color at your local Mom and Pop Sporting Goods store, I have had some savage strikes from several sizes of bass at the Pits and in some other farm ponds and small reservoirs.  You are right, I have not pulled this one out in the Red Neck Bass Country yet!  I will have a few hidden for those times when I want, no need the shook factor to trigger bass into hitting.  After all I’ve catch a lot of fish on bubble gum Assassins so way won’t this bright color work? 

  Your local sporting good store can order these and all the other colors direct from Worden’s or you can order them yourselves directly by calling (509) 854-1311.  Do expect to pay more when ordering directly.  Worden’s is a manufacture and not setup to handle small orders.  They have set their prices above retail store’s prices to protect their dealers.  You will save money if you have a dealer put in the order for you.  Have your dealer call Jim Hunter at Central States Marketing at 913-381-1661 for details.

I really got excited when I saw the Prototype Versions of the new colors for 2002 early this year.  One was designed perfectly for Lake of the Ozarks called the Holograph Super Shad, another was the best Baby Bass ever made.  I was able to beg just a small sample of the new colors in June and headed for the Noah Testing Grounds (Hunting Sports Plus’s Strip Pits).  With orders from Worden’s to not release any information about the new colors until after the ASA Tackle Show in July, I just fished with them when no one would notice and caught bass after bass.  I didn’t even take the new colors to tournaments or Canada with the Jr. Team. 

  Now that the big show is over and the dealers can place their orders, I can tell you about these exciting colors.  The Holograph Super Shad (color # 264) is deadly in clear water with the spectral flash of holograph silver insert with hand painted pearl, gold, and blue highlights with a pure white belly.  This lure matches the semi-transparent look of a shad in motion.  This is the crankbait for the fall bass that go into a shad feeding craze, especially in clear water i.e. Lake of the Ozarks!  I can’t wait to get these in greater numbers in all the depths covered in the Timber Tiger series.  This fall I’ll have several tied on covering all the depth ranges the bass will be feeding at.  You should too!

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