Jim Noah   

All Star created a whole new series of rods to introduce anglers to the greatest rods ever built, bar none!  These new Titanium Rods are the lightest rods available from anyone.  They are the most sensitive feeling rods I have ever used and I’ve tried every brand made including all the blanks available to the custom builders.  No other fishing rod in the industry can compare with the performance or technological advancements of these new rods.  These truly are the New Millennium Rods we have been waiting for all our lives!  Don’t enter the new millennium fishing season without buying these new titanium All Star Rods.

  The new Titanium rods are super light yet the strongest ever built by All Star right here in America!  These rods are built with new ultra-high modulus graphite fiber with All Star’s own unique super stretch resin system and a thin cross wrap scrim material.  The rod banks are built on new fast taper ultra thin mandrills that create lighter thinner stronger banks.  All Star fits these blanks with the finest cork available.  The grip has been ground to form a palm swell that truly provides all day fishing comfort and a better grip on the hook set.  I really like the Sense Touch reel seat that allows me to feel bass breathing on my bait.  The rods have new low profile “TICH” titanium carbide guides with zircomia rings to reduce weight and telegraph strikes.  These guides increase casting distance and accuracy too (Lord knows, I need the help) because the line flows so smoothly through them.  They look sharp and reduce the risk of corrosion.  These are the rods we all need to take our angling to the next level. 

  All Star is work long hours to get these new models out to the dealers now.  Most of the field testers are wanting our special new models added to the current selection of 19 models.  This is going to take All Star awhile so just bug your dealer to get the new models in for you to use now and ask them to get more as they are available.

  All Star now has an official “Life Time Warranty”, on all there 2000 rods, the best in the business.  This warranty covers the new models bought this year too.  A life time warranty tells me All Star knows these rods will last a life time with normal care and they know they are tuff!  Over the years I have never had an All Star fail while fishing!  Sure the rod locker door shortened one and I broke one shoving it in the Suburban at night .  Don’t know of any rod that would stand up to that kind of abuse and still be sensitive enough to catch pan fish or bass.

  After spending a year working with Worden’s Lures designer Tom Stwart I’ve discovered I didn’t have the perfect set of rods to get the most out of the test lures I had to evaluate.  I started discussing the problem with Bob Brown and Lonnie Smith of All Star.  All Star will have the problem corrected later this year with a new selection of crankbait rods designed for the modern smaller lighter timber tiger type crankbaits.  I will be switching to them.

  All Star has the perfect answer for the new Poe’s Super Cedar and 400 series crankbaits that will be available in the fall too.  This 7 foot rod makes super long cast in the 75 – 80 foot range with ease.  The cushion effect of the tip made fighting and landing big bass a breeze.  I even wore a 24 inch Smithville walleye out in a night tournament quickly.  We knew it wasn’t a bass, but we didn’t know it was a walleye until I flipped it in the boat.  I don’t have a clue of the number of fish this rod has caught, as several anglers have borrowed it while fishing with me in the Ranger.  You won’t go wrong with this All Star for the larger crankbaits like the Poe’s.

  Remember All Star has provided you the best rods of the new millennium now.   Don’t give your competitors an advantage.  See your dealer today and be prepared for the new millennium now!

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