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Captain Roger Lee Brown
"The Bass Coach"

Well, finally after all the years of enjoying the sport of bass fishing I have noticed that more and more women (and girls) are taking a considerable liking to this wonderful sport. In fact, in the last five years during the operation of my 3-day "On-Water" Bass Fishing School and Bass Fishing Charter Service located here on Lake Champlain and Lake George, NY, I have had a tremendous increase of women (and girl) students enroll in my school as well as booking bass charter trips each year, and I really must say that it really gets me excited to see them enjoy all the fun and excitement theyíve been missing out on for so long.

For many years bass fishing has been thought of as being just a "Guyís Thing" but let me tell you first hand, "women love this sport just as much (some even more) as the men do." In fact (sorry guyís!) some of the women (and girls), that I have taught or fished with in the past seem to make better anglers than most of the men do when it comes to using certain types of artificial baits and techniques!, maybe because of the patient factor most women have over the men. Just maybe, they want to prove they can be just as good bass anglers as their husbands, boyfriends, or just men in general. But for what ever the reason ladies, keep it up!

It would really be great to see more women (and girls) enter and compete in bass tournaments on a competitive level with the men because I know (through past experience) that many of them would give the men a run for their money. It wouldnít surprise me a bit to see checks being given out to some of women (and girls) that enter these tournaments, placing "in the money" during the weigh-in when the tournaments come to a conclusion. If the "guys" can do it, why canít the gals, right?

Owning and operating a Bass Fishing School allows me the privilege of not only being able to teach the women (and girls) how to fish for bass, but it also gives me a chance to actually prep them to fish and compete in bass tournaments whether it be on a club level, simi pro, or even pro level. Who knows, Iím sure that itís just a matter of time before you will see a woman win a FLW Tournament or even a Bassmasterís Classic, but for whatever the reason you may want to take up this great sport of bass fishing ladies, youíll find it to be one of the most exciting, enjoyable, and greatest sports Iím sure youíll ever experience.

While attending my 3-Day "On-Water" Bass Fishing School, you will learn most all phases of bass angling whether it be on your home waters or here on the world famous Lake Champlain & Lake George (located in beautiful upstate New York.) You can now learn and experience for yourselves why the bass fishing industry has reached to a multi-billion dollar level and is considered to be Americaís #1 fresh water sport. Give it a try!.... and Iím sure that youíll literally "Get-Hooked" on this wonderful, exciting sport.

Until next time, Take Care & God Bless!

"The Bass Coach"...Roger Lee Brown"


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