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Captain Earl Waters

1580 N Meadowcrest Blvd
Crystal River, Florida 34429
Tel. 352-563-5001
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      My specialty is "sight fishing" with light tackle, both Fly and Conventional.  All of my fishing is done from a 16 foot skiff designed with a shallow draft, necessary to pursue trophy fish. The skiff is equipped with a built in ice box and plenty of rod storage. Walk around gunnels allow for easy maneuver ability while fighting your quarry. Your fishing license, ice and all necessary tackle will be provided for. You will find the equipment to be state of the art, and perfectly matched for the species sought after.

      Homosassa is located on the gulf coast two hours north of Tampa International Airport and two hours west of Orlando Airport and Walt Disney World resorts, making access to the area very convenient. Crystal River, seven miles north of Homosassa, is host to a newly remodeled county airport, for those of you who prefer setting their own flight plans.     Known as the "Nature Coast", Homosassa offers seven miles of winding river leading out to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. There you will find gin clear water offering some of the most exciting fishing experiences you'll find anywhere.

    Redfish and Seatrout supply us with year round excitement on the flats. We will navigate our way among the vast archipelago with a pushpole from atop a platform mounted on the stern of the skiff, which allows for a stealth approach to our quarry. As we prowl along the points of the mangrove islands in water no deeper than you'd bathe, we'll find redfish cruising for their favorite morsel to appear before their nose. Or, perhaps they'll be feeding and their tails will be waving like a palm frond in a light summer breeze. These fish average from 5-15 pounds and you'll be matched with a 7' spin or bait casting rod equipped with a 6-10 pound test line. Fly fishermen will be provided with a Loomis 7-10 wt. fly rod; poised on the bow, like a Great Heron about to strike his prey.

    Snook are found during March & April in slightly deeper water and offer sudden excitement as they rise to strike a top water plug or fly.

    Spring in Homosassa brings anticipation of sight fishing for Cobia, as they venture onto the flats following stingrays, looking for an easy meal. We'll be ready for them, as we pole the sandy flats watching for the all too well known shadow that gives way to the diamond shape of a ray. As we watch for the quick flit of a tail that indicates the presence of a Cobia, our pulse quickens. A streamer or jig is presented and as he picks it up your line begins smoking from the end of your rod. With a fish that might weigh in any where from 15-60 pounds, you'll be promised a fight you won't soon forget.

    This excitement can only be surpassed by the influx of migrating Tarpon which begins in early May and lasts thru July. These silver giants float in and out with the tides like masses of sparrows fluttering in the breezes. Their arrival also brings forth the presence of many top celebrities and angling experts, which you'll often meet and share stories with in the local eateries at the days end.

    In the fall our sights drift south toward the tropics of the Florida Keys, where we'll seek after the elusive Permit. After a summer of boning up on your skills you'll be ready to strive for the sought after "Grand Slam", Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon. Homosassa offers a variety of lodging accomodations, with rates beginning at $49.00 per night. Waterfront lodging is available and will put you at the most convenient location for departure from the dock. I can make these arrangements for you at your request. The area has a variety of steak and seafood restaurants, which I'll be glad to recommend.

    If you're ready to break away from reality and experience some of the most thrilling fishing of your life, then now is the time to set your reservations. Contact me for current rates. Remember, all tackle, ice, and fishing licenses are provided. A trip is limited to two anglers. If your party requires an additional boat, I will line up another one with an equally qualified guide.

    If you have any further questions or would like to book a trip, the best time to reach me is in the evening after the sun sets.

"Experience the Best in light-tackle Flats Fishing"

Capt Earl Waters 352-563-5001 days 352-628-0333 evenings



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