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The Buttoneye Jerk® Weedless Bait

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending



Fish Appeal

Buttoneye Rattling Jerk Frames snap on virtually any offset or J-bend style worm hook. Once locked in place, the frame is ready for soft jerk bodies that fit over and lock on the eyes. Soft Buttoneye Minnow Jerk bodies are scented and feature an anatomically correct tail for realistic appearance and action. They rig in seconds without untying the fishing line.

For the first time ever you get a weedless jerk bait with the rattles and eyes built in, and because the eyes lock the body in place, jerk bait slippage on the hook is eliminated
Voted "BEST of the BEST" by the Amercian Sportfishing Association

  1. You get the advantages of:
  3. n Super sharp Mustad Megabite Worm Hook
  4. n The flexibility to use other worm hooks
  5. n 3-D lensatic eyes
  6. n Built in tuned rattle chamber
  7. n Soft and natural feel, fish bite and hang on
  8. n Scented to ensure fish gets a taste of food
  9. n Inexpensive to own many colors

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Length: 5.5 " Weight: Approx. 3/8 oz

11- piece Buttoneye Jerk Kits build a min. of 14 color combos ($6.98 + Shp & Hndl)