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President Takes Action For Two of American Anglers' Favorite Fish

America's saltwater anglers achieved a major victory this week
as President Bush gave gamefish status to red drum and striped
bass in federal waters. An Executive Order signed Saturday by
the president not only instructs the Secretary of Commerce to
put regulations in place covering red drum and striped bass in
federal waters, but encourages states to take similar actions in
state waters. The gamefish designation for two of the most
treasured species in the recreational fishing world comes after
many years of advocacy by anglers and the groups who represent

The Coastal Conservation Association, the American Sportfishing
Association and Stripers Forever have been leading the way, with
many other state and local groups and recreational fishing
industry leaders who knew that this step was needed to cap off
conservation efforts that have seen stripers and redfish recover
from overfishing and other pressures.

"With this action, the President has secured a legacy for the
recreational anglers and conservationists who have worked so
hard on behalf of our marine resources," said Walter W. Fondren
III, chairman of Coastal Conservation Association. "When CCA
began to work on recovering red drum 30 years ago in Texas, we
never imagined an event like this would ever be possible. We owe
a debt of gratitude to the President for recognizing the high
value placed on these resources by the citizens of this

"This Executive Order has the full support of the sportfishing
industry. By signing the order, the President sends the right
message about the need to ensure that striped bass and red drum
endure as a species and as sport fish to be enjoyed by anglers
now and for generations to come," said Mike Nussman, American
Sportfishing Association (ASA) president and CEO. "We have been
working with a number of organizations for years to see that
this critical conservation measure came to be, and we applaud
the President for his action."

In his remarks, the President made it clear that he also
supports improving the quality of data available for managing
our fish stocks. This is one of the central tenets of the
"Angling for Oceans" campaign carried out through TRCP's Marine
Conservation Working Group (MCWG) last year with CCA and ASA's
leadership. The campaign focused on reauthorization of the
Magnuson-Stevens Act, which included many new provisions that
speak to the conservation priorities of saltwater anglers. The
MCWG is working together to make sure those provisions are now
properly implemented into law.


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