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Lynden Huggins
Host of  the Television Show
"Outdoors With Lynden"


Lynden Huggins has worked in the outdoor field for over twenty years. As a child, he ran a trap line for food and helped to reduce wildlife damage and promote wildlife quality. From this humble beginning he went on to college and became a co-op student for the USDA wildlife services division. He finished his Fisheries and Wildlife degree at North Carolina State and began his life as a professional outdoorsmen.

Bowhunting has been in Lyndens blood since birth. He has shot a bow since he was eight. He serves as an affiliate member of the Hoyt Reflex team and is an avid hunter and shooter. He has assisted people with their bow problems and taught many people how to become a better archer. His love for the sport of bowhunting has never diminished, only grown stronger with each passing year.

Waterfowl hold a special place in Lyndens heart. Since he saw his first drake wood duck, at age eight, he has loved ducks. He travels all over the country to hunt ducks and geese. He is a pro staff caller for Haydels game calls and believes in their products wholeheartedly. With his Benelli shotgun and a box of Remington shells he braves all conditions to give the "take em" command. His love for waterfowling is reflected in his enthusiasm to show others the beauty of the marsh environment and how everything in it is connected.

Lyndens true passion is fishing. From age five he has fished around the country for all species of fish. From bluegills to tarpon, and most everything in between, he has caught it. Striving for line class records and using the lightest line possible he pursues the best that each species has to offer. He practices catch and release and manages several ponds for trophy fish. Lynden is a pro staff member for Gloomis, Shimano, Pradco, and Carlson Tackle, just to name a few. His desire to preserve the fishing heritage is demonstrated in his affiliations and accomplishments, which are too long to mention here.

Lynden evaluates equipment and advises companies on product design and enhancement. His television show "Outdoors with Lynden" airs on Raleigh, NC local cable with the goal of showing people how to become better outdoorsmen. Lynden also operates Outdoor Services, a professional outdoor consultation service, which offers client oriented outdoor activities. His love for the outdoors is reflected in everything he does and to all people that he encounters.


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