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Good fishin’,
Jerry LaBella
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jerry Posted on Mar 5 2006, 11:07 AM
Hopedale Report,

Travis, Arthur, and I headed initially to Delacroix to fish Point Fenne, but we were turned around by St. Bernard Police halfway to the launch because of a barge that was going to take 2 hours to be moved in that area. Alternatively, we headed to Reggio to launch. Upon doing so we found that Katrina had filled in the canal not far from the launch and there was very little water in certain areas. Not taking any chances of getting stuck, we therefore picked up the boat and headed to Hopedale. Many boats were being launched under very windy and cold conditions. We headed across the MRGO and onto one of the many lagoons in that area. Water was very clean. No fish were caught, however, until we made it to Bayou St. Malo. Fishing was slow and very scattered in the area but the trout, for the most part, were keeper-size. All fish were caught on Speculizers. I spoke to one angler at the launch waiting to pick up his boat and he indicated that his group caught nothing. Also, the Wild Life & Fisheries were stopping and checking boats for proper equipment and fish size and limits. So make sure you boat owners have a life preserver for each passenger aboard and a throw ring for boats 16ft and over or you might get a ticket. All in all, we caught enough speckled trout for a meal and had a great time fishing an area that I have not been to in over 20 years. Side note: the boat hoist will be in operation in spring.


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