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Replying to Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report
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Capt. Chris Posted on Mar 18 2006, 02:46 PM
The water and air temperatures are rising bringing more and more bait into the lagoons. Fishing has been steady with some nice catches over the past week. Last week I fished the Lagoon with Mark Patterson and 11 year old Josiah Allison from Canada. Windy conditions made it difficult to keep track of the big fish so we elected to go for some slot sized fish. Mark was the first to hook up with a small red on a baby bass jerk worm. He landed another red on the same bait and then Josiah caught his first ever redfish on a gold Exude RT Slug.

user posted image

An excellent young angler, Josiah was ready for more. Mark caught one more red before the fish moved on as did we. The next spot was full of trout and Josiah landed three of them with his gold worm.

The fish came from the sand hole which you can see over his right shoulder. Several of the holes had multiple trout in them.
Monday, I fished the Lagoon with Mike Pollock. The March wind was howling but we found a few fish. The first cast into a school of black drum with a gulp crab produced an upper slot trout. The next few dozen casts were ignored but I did manage to finally land one drum around 15 lbs.

user posted image

We could not convince any more black drum to bite but Mike landed his biggest red ever of 35 inches nearby on the same gulp crab.
user posted image

We left the bigger fish and moved to some shallower water and each caught a few smaller reds and trout on small jerk baits to complete the slam. Tuesday, I had the pleasure of hunting cobia with Captains Ron Presley and Tom Van Horn aboard Capt. Ron's 22 Pathfinder. Although the conditions were not ideal, we did spot seven cobia, cast to five and land two. Both Cobia were caught on jumbo live shrimp. We saw a few tripletail, one of which I caught on a live pogie.
user posted image

Thursday, I fished with Mr. Bob Murray. We had a short window of calm winds in the morning and found a few schools of fish. Using a new shad tail lure from Capt. Joe Hebert (captjoefishing.com), we caught and released several reds using a gold and a mullet colored jig. The wind picked up and we moved to several other spots throughout Mosquito Lagoon and caught several more reds and trout on a Capt. Joe Shredder in rootbeer and pink.
user posted image

Friday, I was joined by Chuck Hicks from Georgia and Todd Reichard of South Carolina. The day began overcast and breezy and the fishing was slow with only a few small trout. The sun broke through and we went searching for some bigger fish. We eventually came upon two schools of black drum and a school of over slot redfish. Chuck was able to hook and land his first ever redfish, a 35” beauty, on a jumbo shrimp and 10 lb braid.
user posted image

Todd hooked up next but a small knot in his line got caught up on the reel and broke off. We stayed with the fish for several hours but could not get another bite even with a variety of natural baits. We tried hard to get Todd his first redfish but it was not to be. Several other locations did not even result in a sighting. Other anglers reported slow or sporadic action as well. As we move away from the full moon, the catching should only increase.

Capt. Chris Myers

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